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I've been miserable lately. About a month ago I had tubes put in to equalize the negative pressure due to my bad eustacian tubes.

I've always had issues with my ears, but hearing has been generally good - even with the negative pressure inside my ears I've been able to temporarily pop them out to a normal position. However, infections and such have gotten worse in the past few years and I finally took my ent's advice and went to a surgeon who put the tubes in. After a couple of weeks, my left ear has really gotten quite good, but my right ear is ringing and sounds muffled compared to my left. A return visit to the surgeon (and an audiogram) confirmed my left ear is much better, but my right is in bad shape. The surgeon basically said there's nothing he can do, but take the tube out and hope my hearing returns to "normal". He thinks there my have been damage to the bones in the inner ear that he "missed" when doing the initial examination and that my hearing was better because the ear drum was directly touching the bones because it was being sucked inward from the negative pressure.

A few things make me question this theory. First, even now if I tug on my ear lobe slightly I can hear a marked (temporary) improvement in my hearing. Secondly, if I clamp down (what I think I'm doing is clenching my eustacian tubes), I also get an improvement. Third, before the tube, when I popped my eardrum out, my hearing always improved. The surgeon didn't think my tugging my ear or clamping down could be bringing the eardrum to touch the bones, but offered no explanation. He basically said that he could take the tube out if I was really unhappy, but I would run the risk of eventually damaging the bones by wrapping the eardrum around them.

I've been going to someone who is claimed to be the best in ny, but am troubled by the lack of interest in my case.

I'm hoping someone out there has had a similar experience and can offer some words of advice. While my hearing in the bad ear isn't really terrible, it is very strange to walk around all the time feeling muffled in one ear. My hearing is very, very important to me given my love of music and sound and I'm very frightened at the fact nothing can be done. However, because of my reasoning above I am going for a second opinion in hopes another otalogist can find the time to help me.

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