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I had posted a couple of weeks ago that I was having problems with fluid in my ears...went to the ENT, sure enough, he agreed and gave me Nasonex ..worked like a charm, immediately got rid of the problem.

Yesterday, I woke to this feeling of fullness in my right ear, took the nasonex and a Benadrayl and went back to up again and it felt like it had moved into my left ear..whatever it was, it felt like fluid moving around my inner just finally went away when I went outside....didn't notice until my husband started the jeep that the little bell when you put the key in the ignition sounded distorted....I asked him if the chime sounded weird to then I closed my hand over my left ear...a faint ringing...none in the right ear. Then when I would say certain words with a higher frequencey, it was if my ear was "beeping" with every syllable coming out of my truly sounded like someone punching a telephone key pad in my ear. I came home and went to long as I was on my right side, with the left ear up, it wouldn't beep, but if I sat straight up, I would get a beeping noise down in my ear.

Got up this morning and felt like it was better...beeped a few times, but still felt better...had to teach flute lessons this afternoon..OMG...every note was vibrating and crackling in my left ear, the higher the frequencey, the worse it got.

Now I am sitting here typing this..I hear nothing out of the ordinary unless I close my left ear, then I hear a faint ringing.

What in the world??? Did I bust my eardrum? I have no dizziness at all, everything else about me is normal.

I am teaching with a cotton ball in that ear, but I am really worried...of course I'll schedule a visit with the ENT tomorrow, but who knows how many days before they can see me. I make my living teaching and playing the flute, this has really gotten me worried. It came on so suddenly.

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