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I stayed dizzy for about 6 mons.--went from dr. to dr. -finally was tested for allergies and started shots. Things got better, except when I had a cold and then I would be extremely dizzy. When the cold got better, the dizzies went away. Then two years ago, I woke up sooo sick--dizzy , nauseated, and out of touch with the world. Went to my regular dr. 4 times. He finally told me that he didn't know what was wrong with me-but to go out and have fun. Right! I couldn't drive, had to sleep in my clothes some nights because I couldn't walk. I had to go to my sister's to stay the summer and her dr. sent me for an MRI and blood tests-all ok--but he believed me-kept saying there is something wrong with your ear. I finally got better-after losing 20 pounds. It took about 4 mons. The next May, I got a horrible cold and it all started again. I got an appointment at the Med. School and had the whole battery of tests--ENG, hearing, balance--found my equilibrium was all over the place and had borderline nystagmus on positional tests. I knew I had hearing loss due to chronic ear infections when I was a child--had radiation treatments on my ears as a child. The ENT suggested I go to a neuro. The ENT said I had very "strange" symptoms!!! Meaning he didn't believe me. I decided that I was going to find out that summer just what was wrong with me--Visit to the neuro --who was very understanding- proved that I didn't have MS or tumor. Had MRI, carotid, BAER, ambulatory EEG, and several other tests-Found my brainstem was slow to respond-He thought I was having transfer migraines-gave me medicine-had a horrible reaction to the med. He sent me to an infectious disease dr.--nothing. So I decided that I would resume my life---thinking if I fell out at work or had an accident that maybe I'd get some help. Then I asked my new dr.---love her--if I could take VRT--she said by all means-that dizziness was a horrible way to live. She has a friend who has it---so she believes me. I do think VRT has helped me. I do the exercises every day and have signed up at the rehab center, where I took VRT. This way I can use the equipment that we used. I do take a fluid pill, which has helped. I know the frustration with the lack of understanding from people and the med. profession. They all want to say ---oh you're depressed or anxiety. I told the ENT when he said that-you would be too if you couldn't drive or have any kind of life. The therapist told me to carry on--doing exercises that make you dizzy is good, because it teaches your brain to do things the right way. I have good days and bad days. Now that I know I don't have MS or a tumor, I know it's my ear. I get depressed, but try to think of people who are worse off than me. It's very frustrating. Try VRT.

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