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i was listening to my cd player a few weeks ago and i noticed that the certain parts of the songs sounded out of tune. i thought something might be wrong with the cd player. about a week ago, every song sounded bad. the next day at work people's voices became distorted. this distortion is happening in my left ear. when i hear one or two people speak it sounds as if they are speaking through a voice synthesizer, like something a person would use to disquise their voice. when its more than a few people and there are other various sounds, the distortion becomes a warbling noise, which sounds like complete chaos in my ear and i am unable to make out anything.

this problem has been preceeded by about 8 years of pressure in both of my ears. (i am 27 years old now) when i was 19 i began to get a "tickling" sensation in both of my ears, as if someone stuck a tiny feather in my ears and was slowly rubbing my eardrum? the pressure came after that. it feels as if i'm constantly flying in an airplane. shortly after these sensations i began to have muscle spasms in my face and neck, accompanied by what seemed to be twitching inside my ears (sounds as if someone was flicking their fingers right next to my ear, or a kind of thumping sensation).

i saw a few different doctors back then and was always referred to a neurologist, who of course found nothing abnormal. i was told it was stress, and after a few years i just bought into that theory and learned to live with the discomfort. now, however, my hearing is beginning to be effected. this problem is beginning to consume my life. i cannot listen to music due to the fact that it is sounds completely out of tune. even worse, this can be detrimental to my career which i have worked very hard to obtain. i MUST be able to hear normally to function in my career. i am only 27 years old and would have never thought i'd be having this problem. its like having a bomb dropped on my life and i would appreciate anyone's advice. please let me know if this is not enough information. i will come up with anything at all i've experienced if it can help my present condition. thank you.

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