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EVERYTHING sounds distorted lib. my own voice included. i can't listen to music, that's the worst thing of all. the distortion makes it sound out of tune and silly. its weird how you take things for granted, i can't even listen to music to feel better. when people talk it sounds kind of like a voice synthesizer. there are so many possibilites. i have had terrible sinus problems my whole life, plus i've always grinded my teeth. one thing i remember is that about a week before this started, i had a terrible cold where i couldn't even breathe through my nose at all. it felt like my face was gonna explode there was so much pressure in my sinuses. that went away after i took some tylenol pm, and a week later the distortion started. and like i said before, when i was 19 my ears started to get this bad tickling sensation and twitching sensations (like someone was flicking there finger right next to your ear, except the sounds were on the inside, if that makes any sense). and the twitching spread to my face, neck, and arms, then throughout the rest of my body. the left side of my hand has been numb for months, probably close to a year i think. its hard to differentiate what is stress related or not...or the chicken and egg syndrome...what was present first, stress or the actual problem. i need help though, i can't live like this, as i'm sure many of you feel the same way. if i ever get through it and solve the problem i'll surely come back and tell you all exactly what i did so that maybe some of you can get help. thanks for reading and responding.

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