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wow everyone, thanks!! (hi becky!) well, went to the ENT and he did the hearing test and I am actually a little above normal. So, no problems. I guess I just don't pay attention all the time, and maybe having the tv up is just an old habit(grew up in a home with lots of birds and dogs, they always were chirping or barking so up went the tv) I have problems more when there is background noise like the dishwasher. But, like I said, happy to report that I am normal.
I do have problems with my ears clearing though, they do get clogged a LOT. I am very sensitive to elevation changes. When I fly, I have to pop my own ears, they won't do it on their own. I live in Nevada and even driving from one end of town to another will cause my ears to clog b/c of elevation changes. Since I have quit smoking, it seems to be a bit better. But, good to keep in mind some of the things mentioned above!

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