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Not to say this is your problem, but mine was very similar. I had a sudden hearing loss in my left ear, not total but enough to drive me crazy. I went to specialist after specialist, hearing test after hearing test, which was getting worse.

I made an appointment at the Leahy Clinic outside of Boston out of desperation. However, prior to my visit a month before my daughter told me about ear candles that she saw on the show the View. I went on line to Ask Jeeves and did a little research. I ended up buying them at a health food store in my area, 100% cotton and 100% bees wax. My husband did it for me and I swear to you two days later my hearing in my left ear was restored! My problem was excess wax in the ear canel where you could never reach. When I went to the Leahy Clinic I passed my previous failed hearing tests with flying colors. Good thing I brought the past hearing tests with me, because they couldn't understand why I was there! I now do the ear candles once every six months sometimes more, but never more than 3 times a year. Also, if you have bad allergies it can also cause fluid in the ear. My doctor told me that when this occurs to take over the counter non-drowsy Sudafed, it helps.
Good Luck

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