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I don't hear my breathing, i hear my heartbeat just- only like a swishing sound- depending on if i'm nervous or not it can get pounding, but the swooshing/ heartbeat sound is like there all the time. What is a patulous ET? and how did they manage to diagnose it? and how do you hear it in your entire head, or do you mean near your ears like me? Its reassuring that other people have the same, thanks!
I am so surprised to see how many people out there are going through this as well.

What happened to me was, I went swimming last year and [COLOR="Red"]while swimming [/COLOR][COLOR="Red"]water went up my nose[/COLOR]. As soon as that happened it felt as if something was [COLOR="Red"]loadged in my head[/COLOR]. The swishing sound is best described in my own words like that of an ultrasound. SWISH SWISH SWISH I can hear it now in my right ear.

I went to see the Dr. and explained to her my situation and she told me [COLOR="Red"]"I really don't think it has anything to do with you going swimming that day". [/COLOR] This really disturbed me, how could it not be caused by this? I was given no explination. I was told my ear cannal was clear. Yet and stil, I was prescribed [COLOR="Red"]Nasarel[/COLOR] to help open up my sinuses along with pain medication for the [COLOR="Red"]painful pressure[/COLOR] I have in my head.

It has been about a year now and in my eyes nothing has changed. I have just learned to live with it. I have [COLOR="red"]trouble falling asleep[/COLOR], I [COLOR="red"]wake up with headaches [/COLOR]sometimes too. I smoke and drink socially and have noticed that these acts irritate my head even more. If I turn my head certain ways the SWISHING gets louder/softer/nonexsistant it's really not up to me anymore. Along with that my vision seems unfocused and blurry at times. I wear hard gas perm contacts maybe their just dirty.

I have done some research and all fingers seemed to be pointing at [COLOR="red"]Sinusitis[/COLOR]. I have not had confirmation of this as of yet.

So, what can I do? I'm tired of taking Pain Medication it makes me feel sluggish after so many days in a row. Are there any alternative approaches to this disorder? I just want to feel normal again....[/I]

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