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Hey all. About 1 month ago i started taking adderall on a regular basis. I am 34 years old trying to get through college. About two weeks ago my right ear started feeling as though it was muffled a little when i listened to loud music in my car. I thought since my left front speaker in my car didnt work and the right one did that it was causing an imbalancing effect. So i faded the music all to the rear speakers. It seemed to help a little. Just about 4 days ago i was sitting in my living room studying and i could hear my heart thump in my right ear. It only did it several times for sevral seconds each time. It didnt happen again till last night when i couldnt sleep. I could hear my heart beat over and over in my right ear. The beat would last about 4 -10 seconds then go away. This happend over and over for about 2 hours. Now as i sit here typing the feeling in that ear is like a little pressure on and off. Kind of like wind blowing in my ear, but no swooshing sound. I do have borderline high blood pressure and have never taken medication for it. Sometimes when i check my bp its below the border range where other times its a little higher. Any ideas to what this could be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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