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For the past 3 months now ive been having problems with my hearing. It all started after i went to a concert, the first id ever been too and last!, iwas really scared i'd damaged my hearing and spent the next 3 weeks depressed unable to do anything.

After seeing the doctor who gave me a hearing test which came back normal everything seemed to sort itself out, i wasnt worried anymore and all i had was a small but of titnitus. During the time i was having these hearing problems i was really blocked up and had crackly ears everytime i swallowed.

Eventually i strted feeling again but then about a month ago i went to leicester on my motorbike with a firend of mine. The journey took about 2 hours there and the same back, obviously not constant, because we stopped for a drink. We went to his house which had had all the carpets removed and then we came back home. When i returned my tinitus had got alot worse. When i woke up the following morning my nose was blocked up completley and my hearing was dull. I just assumed it would go, but it still hasent and im still blocked.My frined i went with didnt suffer non of these effects but came back with chicken pox.

A week later i was laying on my bed when all of a sudden all my hearing in my left side went and was replaced with a high pitched ring which lasted for about 30 seconds.

Im very very scared that ive lost my hearing for good and dont know wot ill do if i have, the last month has been like a living hell for me, all i do is worry and not a moment spent awake goes without me worrying. My dad keeps telling me that hes been to leicester countless times with my mum and both didnt suffer at all. All my problems seemed to come about on the way back when i started thinking about the noises, like the wind.

While ive been having this problem ive noticed that my ears crackle when i swalow and also when i open my jaw. It sometimes goes with a pop as well.

Im really scared and dont know if i can cope with this much longer, thankfully ive got an apointment with the ENT in 2 weeks, im just praying that he will tell me theres nothing wrong, or if something is wrong he can fix it.

Just another thing to add, ive got my wisdom teeth coming thorigh and was unsure wether this could effect my hearing. My face has felt compressed lately and has been tingley too at times.

Please give me your thoughts, if only to help my trouble head.

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