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Hi all,

Two weeks ago I started with a light flu which ended up with about a weeks' worth of nose blowing.

On about the 6th morning of all night nose blowing, I was in the shower and realized I had clogged my right middle ear after a nasty nose blow.

There was no pain and I may have done this to myself many years ago, which quickly popped and unclogged within an hour.

This time, however, my ear did not unclog and I Stupidly did not think of creating light pressure by plugging my nose and blowing lightly, which I now know to do immediacy to avoid a potential infection.

My ears still did not unclog, and I started to worry. I started to notice the pressure buildup and then some minor pain.

The pain got worse and I started to feel the swishing of liquid in my ear.

Then the ringing started, it would not go away, going from lighter to stronger, then back again, throughout the days and nights. I, again, stupidly decided to search for a home remedy instead of using the insurance I pay so much for. On the third morning of not sleeping because of pain and ringing, I gave up and did a walk-in to a local ENT in town.

The ENT took only 2 seconds to tell me I had a ear infection, which he said were rare in adults with no-known history of ear infections, but I had one and it hurt like hell.

He prescribed antibiotics for 10 days, which now have come and gone. I now have no more pressure, very light and passing pressure in the morning, my ears are still recovering. My main problem is with the ringing and the sensitivity to sound. I "hear" almost to well (yet still feel somewhat deaf), and the ringing is becoming very tiresome, I am feeling very disconcerted.

I have been taking sleeping pills for the ringing, Ambien, to sleep, but this supply is about to end and I am frightful of how the heck I am going to go to sleep every night when the pills run out. I "think" that the symptoms will pass with time, but at this exact moment I feel like it will never go away. I am very scared about not being able to sleep.

I have read stories of people on these boards who have had ringing in their ears since childhood, which freaked me out.

Please someone comment on this and tell me that they also "had" ear-ringing from an middle ear infection, which eventually went away.


Thank you,

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