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Hey, first of all.. I'd like to say an awesome site. Hopefully one of you out there will be able to help me. Well I'm only 14 years old. (so sue me :D ) and well for a while now.. my ears pop whenever I swallow. If i swalllow like a lot they get louder each time. but if I don't swallow for awhile it dies down to almost nothing.. but it does come back up again. Sometimes its right, sometimes its left, and sometimes both.. its really weird... I've went to the doctor and have tried tons of stuff.. Right now I'm on this augment(that's how its pronounced, not sure how spelled) and its not really working :confused: .. surprise surprise I guess... well in previous posts.. someone said it was normal.. and are you guys really sure of that.. I'm just really scared something bad could happen out of this.. and I'm scared its never going to go away! I'm 14 years old.. and don't want popping ears! if anyone could help.. it'd be great! THANKS!
many things need to be looked at...eustachian tube dysfunction, patulous eustachian tube, palatal myoclonus, tensor tympani myoclonus...all these things can cause popping ears...find a really good neurotoligist or otoligist that will help figure it out.
good luck

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