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1. My left ear pops whenever I swallow.

2. When I blow air into my ears to clear them out, the left ear takes longer to have air get into the left side then right ear does. Is that a problem?

3. Theres a 20 decibel hearing loss, and when headphones are on, music on that side distorts and losses hearing much more quickly then my right ear.

4. I tested this with a hearing aid plug in my right ear, but the music still sounded more on the right side. Especially the drums and double bass drums and bass guitars/bass lines even with a hearing plug in my right ear. No matter what genre of music or tone of the instruments. Be it jazz, rock, country, etc. all bass and lower tom/bass drums sound only in my right ear and I cant hear them that great in the left ear. Yet guitars and vocals and stuff like that sound quite decent in my left ear with no balance problem.

5. I have slight ear pain over there, I had a tube put in my ear in late 1999 which fell out in early 2001, but I didn't have these problems till summer 2004. What's the problem with it? I mean, its like. I went to the ent, had two hearing tests, allegra d, rhinocort, and was told to blow out my ears 15 times a day. To no avail. However he says my 20 or so decibel hearing loss is "normal." No it isn't, it's annoying. He said there was nothing he could do and I'd have to live with it. That's crap, there's got to be something I can do.

So what is wrong? Please help me out here. Thank you.

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