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Hi, Im new, names Samantha.

Recently, I guess Monday, December 20th, I started having this weird clogged feeling in my ear, right ear to be exact. Ive never had this before, and I dont know how to get rid of it. My mom has told me to pop my ear, but it isnt working, I cant get my ear to pop. Ive tryed cleaning my ear out, but nothing again.
Thursday, December 23rd, I wasnt feeln well, and am still somewhat under the weather, so my mom told me thass why my ear has felt clogged. Yet, am feeln a lot better, and still is like this.
I dont seem to understand why its like this. And Im havn trouble hearing, I can hear ppl, but they usually have to say things more than once, and when I watch tv or something, it has to be awfully loud, and living w/ 4 other ppl, Im yelled at to turn it down.
I am heading back to school on Tuesday, and if anyone could tell me how to get my ear unclogged, or give me some sort of information as to why its like this, I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

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