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Re: PET and Dr.Poe
Feb 21, 2005
Hi there phoebe, i have had probs with Pet for many yrs now and mainly in one ear. I have that itchy feeling in the bad ear and it is very annoying. I sometimes also describe it as a ticklish feeling. It feels like that, very deep inside the ear and even up in the back of the palate. I also get a clicking noise when i move my head up and down and i presume this is the sides of the the ET tube snapping together. I believe that stress can make it worse and i also think that having the condition itself is 'extremely' stressful and can make life's easiest tasks very tiring. eg, just trying to have a regular conversation can be stressful as the 'voice echoing in the head' symptom is maddening and makes me feel very fatigued by the end of the day. THis also seems to stress up the other muscles in my neck and jaw and i haveto go to a massage therapist regularly for treatment as this is a big source of additional discomfort. I get intermittent relief from the symptoms about every 2 months. That is, the worse symptom, the 'autophony' dies down considerably and allows me to lead a much more normal and stressfree life. Why i get relief intermittently has always been a bit of a mystery. I am doing what nutmeg is doing, that is, drinking extra water. I think that helps although it is not the whole answer for me. More on this later. Talk soon. cc

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