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I'm a new member and have a very serious and TERRIFYING problem with my right inner ear. You can check out the story on my string under MMS1 "sudden hearing loss, I'm Terrified"! I'm telling you this because I'm a musician and due to this HORRIFIC and Traumatic experience I'm going through, I'm uncertain if I will be able to comfortably or "TOLERABLY" be able to take the loud music any more.
This is a fantastic Board for finding problems similar to what you have. Sometimes you find a definate answer but it seems mostly their inconclusive. Reason for that is, as scarey as it may be,,,, Not a whole lot is known for certain in the area's of the ear and ailments there of! A lot is speculation or "generic" answers, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.
What I can offer as my feelings is,, just because the music does'nt seem loud to you on account of the fluid that's behind your eardrum,,the fact still remains "IT IS LOUD". The damage is caused by the vibrations that are being taken into your ear as well as the amount of Decibles projected. The sensitive hair fibers or nerves will still be damaged by EXCESSIVE noise wheather you can actually here it or not.
"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it,,,Did it make a noise"?
I hope this offers some help to you and wish you the best of luck with your condition. Suffering as I am with my situation,,, I have nothing but apathy for all on this board who suffer with ear problems!


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