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About a month ago, I've experienced Sudden Hearing Loss. After seeing a 4th specialist who finally believed me that it wasn't allergies, put me on a 10 day regimine of Prednisone, and today is Day 4. Other than the severe hiccups, I haven't experienced any other side effect.

My hearing also hasn't changed -- the doctor didn't think it would help since its been a whole month before anything was done, but we figured we would try anyway.

I never had complete hearing loss, everything in my right ear sounded muffled from the first day I noticed it. I do have ringing, and the ringing constantly changes, high pitched to two pitches to wooshing etc. etc. Its never a stable.

What makes it worse is that I've had high-frequency hearing loss in my other ear for a very long time -- so now that I have it in both -- all I hear is mumbling and often misunderstand what people are saying. And if I'm using the phone, everyone's voice comes through as if they were sucking on helium -- its of a higher pitch. Its very odd!

I keep reading different things online about the Prednisone -- some experience returned hearing while taking it, while others experience some recovery months later, with sometimes taking a full year for even more recovery.

I've also read that it might take up to three months to notice anything -- and that if no improvement is made by then, there the likelyhood of it improving is unlikely.

Boy! There are just so many things floating around on the internet, who knows what to believe!

My MRI is fine -- I'm getting an ECoG next Friday. They want me to finish the Prednisone first before taking the ECog -- I think its to test for Meneier's Disease (I know I spelled that wrong)!

Has anyone tried hearing aids? Or is that not effective for SSNHL?

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