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Well, I've been off the Prednisone since Saturday (four days now) and it's hard to tell the progress of the hearing. A couple days ago the ringing, screeching and hissing in my infected ear had quieted down to a mere whisper and it was HEAVEN!!! It felt as though my hearing was slightly better since I did'nt have to strain over background noises to hear or turn the TV way up. However, yesterday and today the hissing and high pitch screeching has come back up! It seems when I hold my left ear closed, I'm hearing more then in the last week in my right (bad) ear, but on days like today when the screeching is way up, it's still hard on me and I wonder how long I have to go on like this!
It also seems as little by little over the past couple weeks, as I have some recovery of hearing (although muffled and muted sounding) when people talk loudly or even sometimes when I talk a little loud, it sounds distorted (kind of like hearing voices through a cheap radio with a ripped speaker or inbetween stations) and that has been driving me nuts! I'm trying to keep my hopes up since my ENT and family doctor both say the fact that I've gotten any hearing back while using the Prednisone is a Positive sign and it's just going to take time to fully heal.
I've discovered in the last few days that by taking "VALERIAN" in capsule form three times a day, it takes ALOT of the edge off and keeps me from paniking like I was in the early stages. An increase in my Xanax to .5mg before I go to bed, helped me sleep last night for the [U]first time [/U] in [B]THREE WEEKS!!!!!!![/B] This is a long road and very scary for me. I've been able to work through and handle pressure in the past, but I guess I'm not very good in things of this nature!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond and offer your thoughts! I can only wish [B]THE VERY, VERY BEST [/B] for all of you!!
Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is feeling better as of this post! Just wanted to give a little update on my situation which had it's definate UPS and "DOWNS"! It's been over seven weeks since the onset of this problem and this last Sunday I had a revelation which turned out to be nothing but FRUSTRATION! Sunday afternoon when I came home from an early "gig" with my band, I was watching TV and felt that my hearing was a bit better for the first time since I noticed anything over three weeks ago! If I held my left (good) ear shut, I could hear the TV at a noticably higher level. The voices were still low and muffled, but I could make out words without looking at the TV set. I did'nt want to get all excited since as much as it was a noticable increase in hearing it still was a long way from NORMAL!
Also, the distortion (tinny, doubling that I've been getting when people talk around me or from my own voice) seemed less severe. So, with a prayer and lots of hope for progessing recovery,, I went to sleep (at least tried,, have'nt slept for SEVEN WEEKS without help of Xanax)! When I woke up,, I noticed no difference in my progress from before Sunday!! What a Downer!! In fact, as Monday progressed, the distortion seemed back to it's regular annoying level and the increase in hearing I noticed on Sunday was no longer as it was! Move forward one step and back one and a half steps!!!
Does anybody have any experience with their problem getting better then worse? Do you think this could still be a sign of possible recovery? I'm so fed up, frustrated and depressed (not to mention the constant Anxiety attacks) that I can't say. I only take a .5mg of Xanax to get me to sleep (have been for almost two months) along with a couple Valerian/Passionflower mix tablets. However, as most of you know, that only keeps you asleep for two or three hours at a time. During the day I'm a wreck, having anxiety attacks and fits of depression throughout the day and night! My doctor prescribed "Lexapro" but I've read tooooo many band threads here to want to get worse before I [B]"POSSIBLY"[/B] get better from it!!!! Then, I'm stuck on more crappy meds that cause addiction, cause you to never get off them without a "touchy" weaning program and so many say they feel like ZOMBIES while on the stuff!!! It's bad enough that I'm on Xanax (although a relatively small dose). I fight the anxiety attacks but usually give in by taking a quarter tab twice a day to barely keep the edge off!
He also prescribed Trazadone for sleep. I tried 10mg. tab for a couple nights in a row along with the .5mg Xanax (as he prescribed) and still was up in two to three hours, except groggy and with a headache. He said, I may have to take a higher dose!!!(?) [U]All these doctors are so full of it[/U],, it makes me SICK (LITERALLY)!!! They use us as guiniea pigs and [U]we suffer [/U] for there "trial and error" programs,, mostly!! I just don't want to be in this drug regime as so many are, with the outlook that, "hey, it's better then it was without it"!!! I don't want to be living a [B]SYNTHETICALLY[/B] [U]induced[/U] LIFE!
Meditation, hot baths, excercise,, those things work for people who are'nt in that BAD of a mental state,, I've tried a little and [U]IT DOES'NT WORK[/U],, at least not for me (I've got it bad)!!! Sorry to be such a DOWNER today,, but I [B]REALLY[/B],, [B]REALLY[/B],, [B][U]REALLY[/U][/B] am totally FED UP with it all!!

Hope your ALL doing [B]MUCH BETTER [/B] then me!! Best goes out to all of you!

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