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A week and a half ago, shortly after waking up I (for no obvious reason) lost the hearing in my right ear. I have an earlier post under "SUDDEN HEARING LOSS, AND I'M TERRIFIED", explaining the details of my ordeal. Anyhow, my ENT diagnosed the problem as possibly a viral infection in the inner ear and put me on a ten day prescription of Prednisone. I've already been on it for five days and notice some of the hearing I've lost seems to slightly be coming back. Initially, tests showed I had lost 80db of hearing in my right ear as a result of this attack!
Prior to taking the steroid, I had LOUD high pitch ringing in my infected ear and loud rushing which has caused serious PANIC and ANXIETY attacks causing me to lose most sleep and I've been falling into a deep depression. I'm on Xanax a couple times a day to get me through and help with a little sleep but I'm still going insane from the constant ringing!
When I finally noticed the other day I could faintly hear the dial tone from the phone receiver which at the time this first started I could hear nothing but a faint humm. I can now also faintly hear the flicking sound of my finger nails in front of the bad ear, which I could'nt hear at all in the beginning of this infection, I started feeling maybe the steroid is going to work.
However, I still have an impossible time hearing over this UNBEARABLY LOUD ringing which has'nt subsided while the hearing has been slightly back. Has anyone noticed this while recovering similar syptoms with Prednisone? Also, since I've already taken the heaviest portion of the prescription in the first four days,, is there any chance it will continue bringing the hearing back? Finally, what about injections of the steroid after I'm done with the oral? Do the injections make you dizzy for any length of time, I've heard it can be uncomfortable!
If you can offer me any comfort or suggestions on this, PLEASE feel free,, I appreciate any help possible!!
It's not the prednisone, it's the condition for which you're taking it. Get your doctor to test your otoacoustic emissions (tinnitus can often be detected by measurement--your inner ear is GENERATING the sound). Try adding some Vitamin E--a study in The Lancet last fall found that British sudden sensorineural hearing loss patients on prednisone improved dramatically--most regaining almost all their hearing--when E was added. If it doesn't get better, ask about getting a brain MRI done to rule out anything pressing on the auditory nerve or even a temporal lobe tumor (don't freak out, the chances are extremely remote but you want to know what's causing the problem).
Thanks for your reply Sandy,
I wish I knew that a bit earlier, about the Vit.E. I'm down to the end of the prescription now (one pill today and one pill tomorrow) and that's it. In that research or your own experiences, would taking the Vitamin E. still have an affect or at least as much as an affect taken now that I'm pretty much done on the medication? Also, would a good multi-vitamin have enough E in it (it usually says 100% of daily requirement). I've heard that E is good for tinitis but wish I had taken higher doses with the Prednisone!
Although I've noticed somewhat of an improvement in my condition,, it still has a way to go and these panic and anxiety attacks have taken their toll on me!! As much as it's been horrific going through the past week and a half on the drug, I'm very depressed and filled with high anxiety now that the prescription is ending, will I see any more improvement. The Xanax I'm taken is helping slightly to get me to bed, but I wake up in a few short hours later with the awful anxiety all over again. I try not to take any of the Xanax during the day only because I don't want to get hooked, and IT'S HARD!!
I'm sorry to run on like this, don't mean to lay this added stuff on you, it's just that I've had several tragedies in my life, but this one is really on the TOP!! Thanks SO MUCH for your reply and concern,, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!
Hi again Sandy,
Almost forgot. Yea, the ENT guy also suggested an MRI at the beginning of this ordeal, just to rule out any other "remote" possibilities. I definately want to know there is no underlying factor that was overlooked but have a problem with MRI's. I become HORRIBLY claustophobic in those things!!!!! I could never last the hour it takes to do the test! Even though the MRI's are "open", the fact that my head is inside that "dougnut" device for that long, I'd NEVER make it!! The doctor said I could take a couple Xanax, however as stressed and panicky as I've been, the Xanax barely help me to fall asleep when I'm wired. So,, I don't know how to handle that,,any suggestions?

Hi there-
You should definitely see about getting an MRI. My husband had sort of the same symptoms. Dr first told him he had swimmers ear. Didn't get any better so he went to another Dr who gave him the high powered decongestants. That didn't help so he went to ENT. Had the audio tests done and he too had lost considerable hearing. Don't mean to scare you but he had an Acoustic Neuroma...tumor in the auditory canal pressing on the auditory nerve. Was very scarey but he had surgery to remove it and is doing great. After he was diagnosed we found several people who had had the same thing...more common than you think. These tumors are usually benign and it's amazing how fast he recovered from the surgery. His hearing loss is permanent but something he can deal with. The surgery was just 3 months ago and now you wouldn't know anything had ever been wrong.
If the hearing loss in your ear has not completely recovered, I can recommend prednisone injections. I had about 20 injections into my ear over 3 or 4 years as I kept having repeated bouts of hearing loss along with severe balance problems. The steroid injections into the ear helped bring most of my hearing back each time.

I agree you should just bite the bullet and get the MRI done. The cause of these sudden hearing loss problems is difficult to find, but at least having an MRI will help to rule things in or out.
Hi Susie,
Did they ever find out what the cause of your hearing loss has been? I also understand that the injections can bring additional progress, however I was told the reason they go with oral intake first is because of potentialy Adverse reactions to the injections. How did you react from the injections as far as bad side effects,,and in general, how bad is the process?

Thanks for your input, and I hope the best for you also!
[QUOTE=MMS1]Hi Susie,
Did they ever find out what the cause of your hearing loss has been? I also understand that the injections can bring additional progress, however I was told the reason they go with oral intake first is because of potentialy Adverse reactions to the injections. How did you react from the injections as far as bad side effects,,and in general, how bad is the process?

Thanks for your input, and I hope the best for you also![/QUOTE]

Hi, I hope things have been improving for you. But if not, or if not sufficiently recovered, as I said, I can recommend the steroid injections into the ear. I agree with not going with the injections straight away too. Many people have spontaneous recovery from these sudden hearing losses, and it would be overkill to go in with the heavy stuff straight away. But, because the injections are more potent, and get the steroid directly to the affected site, they can be more effective than oral steroids. Also, be aware, that the earlier one gets in with treatment of hearing losses, the higher the chances of recovery. I was terrified of getting my first injection, because I had been warned that it may cause me to lose my hearing altogether. However, the prognosis for the illness I have (more on that in a moment) is very poor in terms of hearing outcomes, so I felt I may as well try the injections. At the time of my first one, I was really unwell, and my hearing was getting worse day by day.

Side effects from the injections: I have to admit after my first 3 injections I had quite strong ear pain. That was with one particular type of steroid (can't remember the name). After that, my doc swapped me to dexamethasone injections and they were fine. No pain. They anesthetise the eardrum, so the procedure itself is not painful. (However, the whole thought of it is just horrible). I always hated getting them done, but for the improvements they brought to my hearing, they were worth it.

I'm not suggesting in anyway at all that the cause of your hearing loss is the same as mine, but the injections are used in a wide range of hearing loss causes. The cause of my hearing loss episodes (as well as various other problems including loss of balance and inflamed eyes) was found to be Cogan's Syndrome.

Let us know how you get on.
I too awoke January 1 with hearing loss in right ear. I was dizzy and thought I had the flu. Everytime I got up I threw up and did this for 6 days before seeing the family doctor. He said I had ear infection which I never and the ENT now says I has a mini stroke. Presidone never worked for me and now they say they can surgerically or medically by a pill go in and destroy the right ear to cut out the noise that I am constantly hearing. I amopting to wait it out and taking some herbs and vitamins before I trust them. Seems like the ENT have no clue about sudden hearing loss.

Mark Cavinee
[email][email protected][/email]
Well, I've been off the Prednisone since Saturday (four days now) and it's hard to tell the progress of the hearing. A couple days ago the ringing, screeching and hissing in my infected ear had quieted down to a mere whisper and it was HEAVEN!!! It felt as though my hearing was slightly better since I did'nt have to strain over background noises to hear or turn the TV way up. However, yesterday and today the hissing and high pitch screeching has come back up! It seems when I hold my left ear closed, I'm hearing more then in the last week in my right (bad) ear, but on days like today when the screeching is way up, it's still hard on me and I wonder how long I have to go on like this!
It also seems as little by little over the past couple weeks, as I have some recovery of hearing (although muffled and muted sounding) when people talk loudly or even sometimes when I talk a little loud, it sounds distorted (kind of like hearing voices through a cheap radio with a ripped speaker or inbetween stations) and that has been driving me nuts! I'm trying to keep my hopes up since my ENT and family doctor both say the fact that I've gotten any hearing back while using the Prednisone is a Positive sign and it's just going to take time to fully heal.
I've discovered in the last few days that by taking "VALERIAN" in capsule form three times a day, it takes ALOT of the edge off and keeps me from paniking like I was in the early stages. An increase in my Xanax to .5mg before I go to bed, helped me sleep last night for the [U]first time [/U] in [B]THREE WEEKS!!!!!!![/B] This is a long road and very scary for me. I've been able to work through and handle pressure in the past, but I guess I'm not very good in things of this nature!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond and offer your thoughts! I can only wish [B]THE VERY, VERY BEST [/B] for all of you!!

Just read this thread and had to respond to MMSI... Please don't think of my message as a downer - but more of a warning what not to do concerning your hearing loss/anxiety and meds.

My mother experienced the exact same hearing loss in one ear seven years ago. It was sudden and for no apparent reason. After 34 doctors, many tests, MRIs, Mayo Clinic, etc., the only diagnosis they could come up with was either a viral or bacterial infection. She did remember trying to scratch an itch inside her ear with an artificial fingernail the day before her hearing loss. I wanted to write as a warning - my mother also started experiencing severe panic and/or anxiety attacks right away and difficulty sleeping. The doctors started trying to medicate each different symptom as they developed and now, seven years later my mother is severly overmedicated, severly addicted and miserable. She was willing to take any and everything they prescribed to help alleviate the roaring/ringing and anxiety. Unfortunately, we discovered many of the transquilizers and anxiety medicines just made the sound in her ear worse - especially when the meds would elevate her blood pressure. She has been hospitalized six times just in this past year in a geriatric psch. unit and when she is home, my father and I are on constant suicide watch with her.

What I am trying to express is that the hearing loss and accompanying tinnitus were not curable (or "fixable") for my mother except through a surgical procedure to cut one of the auditory nerves to eliminate the roaring sound. Evidently there was great risk with this procedure (my mom is now 73) and my parents decided to forego it. Many doctors tried to teach her coping techniques for the tinnitus including wearing a "white noise" device on her ears, never sit in silence, eliminate stress, etc. Unfortunately, my mother didn't try any of these techniques for more than a day but rather decided to self-medicate with the many doctors' prescriptions and now she doesn't remember the last three years from being overmedicated.

PLEASE, please, please be careful with the many medicines that will be offered to you to help treat the anxiety, panic, hearing loss, etc. Do your homework and research each medicine and the counteractions with other medicines prescribed to you. Talk to your pharmacist and make sure it is okay to mix. My mother's problems now go way beyond the hearing loss and roaring - in fact those symptoms are rarely complained about now because there are so many others because of reactions to being overly medicated. Be extremely careful and ask your doctor many questions!!!

As far as an MRI goes, maybe I can offer some help there: I recently had one and really freaked when I was pushed back into the barrel. I have never been claustrophobic in my life but I absolutely paniced. The attendants calmed me down, let me look at the machine and see that it was open on the other end and then gave me two very helpful suggestions. They put headphones on me and played any music station I wanted. Then they put a washcloth over my eyes before they strapped my head in or did anything else. It was amazing what a difference it made - I couldn't see what I was getting into and it was very peaceful. Didn't experience a single feeling of anxiety for the whole 40 minutes. If you have one done, ask to have your eyes covered the minute you lay down. They said it works every time and that 1 in 10 patients panic even though they didn't expect to.

Hope this helps you somehow - I know it isn't any kind of answer for your hearing loss and symptoms but I will keep you in my prayers!
Just a quick message to say that one of the side effects of oral prednisone, so that may have contributed to your difficulty in sleeping.
[B]Hi Ozarkheaven[/B],
Thanks for the "head's up" on the possible drug problems that can be created through a trauma like this. I'm on the same page as you though as far as what you say. I've never done sooooo much research and reading online as far as what drugs are out there, possible side effect, interactions, pro's, con's etc..since I've had this problem. I've researched Prednisone up and down while I was on it. Then I discovered this most informative Forum and did alot of reading and then researched different meds other people were on, just to see what's what. I hate taking narcotics and don't even smoke or drink (a real "tea-toedler")!
I had been on Xanax for a relatively shortish term several years ago and it helped get me through a very HORRID time in my life. Therefore, I felt relatively comfortable taking it and did'nt even take the single dose my ENT guy recommended to stop the PANIC and ANXIETY throughout every waking hour for almost three weeks (A NIGHTMARE AND A HALF)!!! Just did'nt want to keep depending on the things. That's when I reasearched "Natural and Organic Stress relievers". That led to a multitude of reading just to check and double check the best, safest and most effective for what I'm going through. Valerian, seemed to be the organic remedy of choice. Now I'm just taking a single .5mg dose of Xanax just to let me sleep for more then (2) hours a night. As I start feeling more relaxed by getting more sleep and hopefully notice a progressive betterment in my hearing situation,, I will gladly wean myself off the Xanax and get back to my life (whatever that may be). In the mean time, I've learned alot about leading a healthier and overall better life due to this experience.

[B]Also, Hi Susie[/B],
I read all the side effects on the Prednisone and figured the sleeplessness whilst on it was probably being enhanced by the drug itself. However, once off the drug, the sleeplessness grew worse due to all the Anxiety I had about still having the hearing loss and the deep fear that I let grow inside me. Walking around with no more then (2) hours of sleep a night over almost three weeks was just snowballing things by keeping me wired and thinking I'll never be able to sleep again. Henceforth a little aid from the Xanax. Just to let you know (wheather it matters or not) I'm 53. So where as I'm not a kid, I'd like to hope I'm not that old either, heh!

Again, I can't thank all of you enough for all your concern,, knowing people like all you are out there and willing to offer your help is really [U]FANTASTIC[/U]!! [B]THANKS AGAIN!!![/B]
Hi Everyone,

I've taken a great deal of comfort from reading your emails as I can completely sympathise with the anxiety attacks. I'm new to this and I was pacing around early in the morning as the tinnitus was unbearable. My heat goes out to your Mom Oz, I have an elderly mother whom I love very much and I'm just beginning to think that some of her symptoms maybe ear related.

On another tack, does anyone know what the time limit is for prednisone?

I've had my condition for 11 days now after being fobbed off with decongestion and ear drops!

Someone said that the steroids had no affect after they had had the symptoms for a month!

Also does anyone know what is the best dose of Vitamin E

Any ideas gratefully received !

Many thanks
Hello MMS1

I don't know if this will help but you could look at this website

I'm in the process of going through what you are and I'm just trying to do my research, but according to this a B12 deficiency may be a factor associated with tinnitus, I was going to check out the report given below: I've just found the website so I can't vouch for it...but maybe it has some interesting avenues to follow.

"Some improvement in tinnitus and associated complaints were observed in 12 patients with low vitamin B12 levels following vitamin B12 replacement therapy. Shemesh Z et al: Vitamin B12 deficiency in patients with chronic tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss. Am J Otolaryngol 14(2):94-9, 1993."

Hope things get well for you! I'm only 12 days into my hearing loss & tinnitus


Hi giw9892,
It's been six and a half weeks since the onset of this "sudden hearing loss". The ringing sometimes subsides a couple notches but it seems as though when I'm exposed to noise (I'm a musician) and even though I wear a foam ear plug, the ringing increases for days afterwards! It also gets worse when I'm stressed. That's a problem cause since the beginning of this thing, I've been having more and worse Anxiety and Panic attacks due to the fact I don't know when or if, this condition will ever get better!
My hearing has come back a couple notches since the end of my initial Prednisone prescribed period (almost four weeks ago), but I still have quite a bit of hearing loss along with the ringing and annoying distortion if I talk a bit loud or if voices around me are a bit loud (kind of like a doubled synthesized sound). I take a full multi-vitamin with 100% of all B's included. I supplement this with additional vitamin E, C and Codliver oil. I've read on this board from someone who also had some distortion in their hearing that "alpha-lipoic acid" helped them, so I started adding that to my supplemental diet also (but only just started).
Today I go for an MRI which I've been putting off for six weeks due to the fact that I'm VERY claustophobic! However, I want to finally rule out any underlying factors which can't be seen by the human eye. HOPEFULLY the extra doseage of Xanax that my doctor suggested will kick in prior to the test and keep me sedated through the whole thing. This is a really horrible feeling and has GREATLY changed my life for the last (almost) two months. I really don't function anymore outside of constant depression, anxiety, panic and little to NO sleep! I don't want to live on all kinds of drugs indefinately either. Anyhow,,, don't mean to be so gloomy, but I'm just looking for a ray of sunshine to help me see the way through this!
Thanks for your concern and I hope you get well SOON! Best of luck to you!!

I do know what you are going through, I've just been to see the ENT doctor and I got a good feeling about him, he did the tests and imediately put me on a high doesage of Prednisone. Last night was the worst time for me as I suffered my first anxiety attack, I went back to work too early and suffered on the night time with headaches, neck aches and the tinnitus. My wife was great and she saw me through it. I've started my steriod treatment at 13 days, the ENT doc said it may or maynot work, but better we try than think about it. He also put me on a drug to allow better blood flow around that area. I'm also taking Vit E and Ginko so we'll see.

I can't remember if you said earlier but how long after you lost your hearing did you start your treatment of steroids?

Anyway, that ray of sunshine will come, hang in there, easy to say, i know difficult to do! But remember when I was younger I suffered hear loss and tinnitus the tinnitus didn't induce anxiety attacks but it got on my nerves and wore me down, but it gradually reduced and about 8 months later my hearing returned and that must of been viral as I saw an ENT doc and had an x-ray and they said everything was fine. Its the tinnitus thats the killer I can cope with hearing loss.

Hang on in it WILL get better and back then I was musician playing in a band and my hearing meant everything to me...!

All the best if I come across anything of interest I'll post it


Hi giw9892,
Thanks for the words of encouragement! This happened to me suddenly on a Thursday (six weeks ago). I went to an ENT guy on that Monday and after hearing tests were performed on Tuesday, I was immediately put on Prednisone that day. So, it was about five days after the onset that the prescription began. The MRI went pretty well. I took an extra Xanax before leaving the house and I was good enough to make it through with no problems. I'll have the results tomorrow (Thursday). Of course I'm hoping it comes back everything just fine, but then it brings the fear of when and if anyone will know what this is or if it will ever go away!!
The thing that is most bothersome (although the muffled hearing and ringing drives me up a wall in Daily and nightly Anxiety and depression) is the doubled "scratchy, distorted" sound I get in my own voice and other people when they talk! It seems (even though I wear a foam ear plug when I do gigs in my band) that it's getting a little worse everytime I play out. And now we've finally become popular enough to where we're playing out every weekend between once and even three times, as we did last weekend and this coming weekend.
I'm also no kid (I'm 53) but the music has always been a part of my life from when I was a kid and I always dreamed of someday being in a band that played out this frequently! Now that it's happened,, I get struck with this!!! Currently, my business has been down the tubes and the only income I derieve is from the band! Now I'm worried that the band is making the distortion or ear problem in general worse, and I'll have to leave! Now, the thing that I looked forward to, my only enjoyment and currently my only income,, brings stress,, anxiety and dread as the gigs approach in worry that this will only degenerate a problem which has in a relatively short time encompassed my life in depression, anxiety and panic!!
Sorry to go on like this, but I feel such HOPELESSNESS, like you would'nt believe!
I hope your condition improves as the day's go on and you acheive full recovery, you have my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Hang in there, I can really sympathise with you! Look I don't know if you've seen this board, because I think boards are like a rabbit warren but he's a link to where I posted a question and someone called 'unadventurous' gave his story

Basically, acupuncture CURED his tinnitis, I'm going to give this a go...put in a question for him/her(?) asking how he found the right one!!

Hope this helps

Hang in there, I'm no spring chicken either I'm 42, but believe me it will get better and a positive mental attitude is v.important god knows this is easy to say but find those moments of hope and hold on to them... good luck

Thanks GIW, I'll see if I can check out that thread. It's really taken it's toll on me, and I'm currently waiting on the doctor to call with the MRI results. I can't give up trying only because I can't see this thing going on like this indefinately! However,, getting through a day and night is now a Living NIGHTMARE filled with depression, anxiety and fear! Thanks for getting back to me and GOOD LUCK!

Well, the results of my MRI came back all clear, everything looks normal. That was great to hear, however now I'm just back to square one. Nobody knows what this is for sure, when and if it will get better! My ENT dr. still believes it was a viral infection that affected the auditory nerve and it may or "may not" get better in time. It's already been seven weeks and is still sensitive to noise, the ringing changes and varies day to day in severity and degree and I still have this ANNOYING, doubled, scratchy distortion in peoples voices (and my own) above anything over a low volume level! The hearing loss that had improved a little the first three weeks has'nt gotten any better since then and is still low and muted.
The ENT set me up for another hearing test next week to see how much it's come up since the onset of this thing. I asked if there's any additional treatment to maybe bring it up more. He said the one other thing is Steroid injection which has it's risks! I know, since I've read enough about it on this board. Some get a little hearing back, some get no better results, there's pretty bad side effects from it and the chance it'll cause PERMANANT hearing loss! So, the anxiety, panic and depression continues. Any other suggestions?
I REALLY DO appreciate everyones help here! My best goes out to all of you!!

Ask for a referal to a neuro-otologist who specialises in the workings of the inner ear! They may be able to find something that the ENT can't. That is also a feature of these boards.

I also by chance came across a mobile deafness roadshow charity parked next to my house (fate?) anyway, two things on surface may not seem much, but a women was there who has suffered from tinnitus for 20 years the doctor prescribed the wrong malaria pills when she was going to Africa and then prescribed something with Quinne (?) in and bang she had lost most of her hearing (!!). Anyway she got some relief from the use of hearing aids which cut out the tinnitus! Also a masker which sounds white noise into her ear for 5 hours after which gives 5 hours of peace, she wasn't a great fan although it worked she didn't like the white noise and the tinnitus at once. Finally, on the sleep issue, she was told by an old women of 90 that the best way to get to sleep is to listen to the sound/s at night and tune in on them, it may take a week or so to get use to, but she thought it was a mad idea but tried it and found it did actually work (think of it as a lullaby she said). I guess if the brain is fighting this thing it makes you more stressed and I have found that stress is above all the killer in this affliction sure makes the tinnitus worse.

Anyway good luck I'm having my MRI next week and I'm pleased your MRI was clear...focus on the good news!


Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is feeling better as of this post! Just wanted to give a little update on my situation which had it's definate UPS and "DOWNS"! It's been over seven weeks since the onset of this problem and this last Sunday I had a revelation which turned out to be nothing but FRUSTRATION! Sunday afternoon when I came home from an early "gig" with my band, I was watching TV and felt that my hearing was a bit better for the first time since I noticed anything over three weeks ago! If I held my left (good) ear shut, I could hear the TV at a noticably higher level. The voices were still low and muffled, but I could make out words without looking at the TV set. I did'nt want to get all excited since as much as it was a noticable increase in hearing it still was a long way from NORMAL!
Also, the distortion (tinny, doubling that I've been getting when people talk around me or from my own voice) seemed less severe. So, with a prayer and lots of hope for progessing recovery,, I went to sleep (at least tried,, have'nt slept for SEVEN WEEKS without help of Xanax)! When I woke up,, I noticed no difference in my progress from before Sunday!! What a Downer!! In fact, as Monday progressed, the distortion seemed back to it's regular annoying level and the increase in hearing I noticed on Sunday was no longer as it was! Move forward one step and back one and a half steps!!!
Does anybody have any experience with their problem getting better then worse? Do you think this could still be a sign of possible recovery? I'm so fed up, frustrated and depressed (not to mention the constant Anxiety attacks) that I can't say. I only take a .5mg of Xanax to get me to sleep (have been for almost two months) along with a couple Valerian/Passionflower mix tablets. However, as most of you know, that only keeps you asleep for two or three hours at a time. During the day I'm a wreck, having anxiety attacks and fits of depression throughout the day and night! My doctor prescribed "Lexapro" but I've read tooooo many band threads here to want to get worse before I [B]"POSSIBLY"[/B] get better from it!!!! Then, I'm stuck on more crappy meds that cause addiction, cause you to never get off them without a "touchy" weaning program and so many say they feel like ZOMBIES while on the stuff!!! It's bad enough that I'm on Xanax (although a relatively small dose). I fight the anxiety attacks but usually give in by taking a quarter tab twice a day to barely keep the edge off!
He also prescribed Trazadone for sleep. I tried 10mg. tab for a couple nights in a row along with the .5mg Xanax (as he prescribed) and still was up in two to three hours, except groggy and with a headache. He said, I may have to take a higher dose!!!(?) [U]All these doctors are so full of it[/U],, it makes me SICK (LITERALLY)!!! They use us as guiniea pigs and [U]we suffer [/U] for there "trial and error" programs,, mostly!! I just don't want to be in this drug regime as so many are, with the outlook that, "hey, it's better then it was without it"!!! I don't want to be living a [B]SYNTHETICALLY[/B] [U]induced[/U] LIFE!
Meditation, hot baths, excercise,, those things work for people who are'nt in that BAD of a mental state,, I've tried a little and [U]IT DOES'NT WORK[/U],, at least not for me (I've got it bad)!!! Sorry to be such a DOWNER today,, but I [B]REALLY[/B],, [B]REALLY[/B],, [B][U]REALLY[/U][/B] am totally FED UP with it all!!

Hope your ALL doing [B]MUCH BETTER [/B] then me!! Best goes out to all of you!
Sorry to hear of your bad experience.....I was wondering how you are doing now. I know you wrote your story in February, and it is now May. I have experienced the same thing 2 weeks ago, woke up with sudden hearing loss right ear. I take my last Prednisone today, and go for my checkup tomorrow. I feel only a slight improvement so far. I do understand about the anxiousness you are having also. I have some Xanax on hand, and have had to take some, only because I feel a little out of sorts....with this all going on. Boy, like I got hit with a mad truck. Waking up losing your hearing is an awful feeling. I was just wondering how you are doing and if you have regained most of your hearing .
[B][SIZE=2]Hi Juliep6[/SIZE],[/B]
I've just left a new post entitled "IS THERE NO HOPE ANYWHERE!!!???" under this board "Hearing Disorders" which will give an update on my (unfortunately) not so good condition of this problem which plaqued me since this last February. It's REALLY taken it's toll on me both mentally and physically as you'll see when you read the post. I can only wish you MUCH BETTER LUCK then I've had with it!!! The hell I'm going through I would'nt wish on anyone!

Best of wishes to you!!

About a month ago, I've experienced Sudden Hearing Loss. After seeing a 4th specialist who finally believed me that it wasn't allergies, put me on a 10 day regimine of Prednisone, and today is Day 4. Other than the severe hiccups, I haven't experienced any other side effect.

My hearing also hasn't changed -- the doctor didn't think it would help since its been a whole month before anything was done, but we figured we would try anyway.

I never had complete hearing loss, everything in my right ear sounded muffled from the first day I noticed it. I do have ringing, and the ringing constantly changes, high pitched to two pitches to wooshing etc. etc. Its never a stable.

What makes it worse is that I've had high-frequency hearing loss in my other ear for a very long time -- so now that I have it in both -- all I hear is mumbling and often misunderstand what people are saying. And if I'm using the phone, everyone's voice comes through as if they were sucking on helium -- its of a higher pitch. Its very odd!

I keep reading different things online about the Prednisone -- some experience returned hearing while taking it, while others experience some recovery months later, with sometimes taking a full year for even more recovery.

I've also read that it might take up to three months to notice anything -- and that if no improvement is made by then, there the likelyhood of it improving is unlikely.

Boy! There are just so many things floating around on the internet, who knows what to believe!

My MRI is fine -- I'm getting an ECoG next Friday. They want me to finish the Prednisone first before taking the ECog -- I think its to test for Meneier's Disease (I know I spelled that wrong)!

Has anyone tried hearing aids? Or is that not effective for SSNHL?
I have similar unilateral sudden sesironeural hearing loss and am having uncertain and variable results with prednisone. A web search of credible sources indicated prednisone alone is the old reliable but about 2/3 of the time. I searched the Lancet website but did not find the Lancet study for Vitamin E and hearing loss. I would like more information or we address if you have it. Much Thanks for your entry:)

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