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for about 2 1/2 weeks now i've had this weird sensation/sound in my ear. it feels like fluttering, and sounds almost like a mini hellicopter. i know that it's normal to happen from time to time as i've had it before.. but never lasting this long in time, and never brought on by specific things like this. for example, it'll happen when i lay down, tilt my head to the right, and just get up, sometimes when i walk it will happen as well. it's all in my right ear, and i do get weird buzzing sounds from time to time, but it's not nearly as annoying as this. i don't think i have any loss of hearing other then this is making it hard to hear from the right ear when i get it, but i still can hear from it fine. i think it's my eardrum causing the sounds... there's no pain.. so i'm not sure why i have it. just wondering if something can be done to stop it.. it's hard to sleep sometimes with the sound.
Do your ears feel like full? If so, there's probably some fluid in there...
no.. i clean my ears regularly.. always have. they feel ok other then this weird sound i'm getting.. and it feels like something is fluttering back and forth. but no fullness
Hi annarayne,

I have the same thing sometimes and I also have ringing in my ear. What you are describing sounds like you are having a muscle spasm. Does it flutter, kind of vibrate? The sound you hear is called tinnitus, you can look it up on the web. This is a harmless condition and will not hurt you. Make an appt with an ENT and tell him your concerns. Don't be surprised if they want to do some tests like an MRI, I had that done when I went in. It will make you feel better just knowing nothing is wrong. If you have any questions just ask me.

ya, that's exactly what it feels like.. a fluttering. i don't really get a ringing.. just this hellicopter sound. it doesn't hurt.. never has.. just annoying. i think it might be slowly going away, it doesn't happen as often in the past few days.. think i'll just wait and see then if it goes on more before heading to a doc.
if it's going away, great...if it doesn't go away, it sounds very like tinnitus,as already mentioned - my friend was diagnosed with it last year after she'd 'crickets' chirping constantly for months. She notices it much more when things are quiet, especially just before falling asleep - it was keeping her awake, so she's found ways of distracting and tiring out her brain at bedtime - like doing crosswords - or watching TV with the headphones on. She also says there are certain noises that make it worse - like the sound of a kettle boiling. I'd guess these symptoms are very individual. She's been to see a hearing therapist who has been of great help, and she's just lately been issued with a 'masker' a device that makes another noise to mask the crickets - it's a noise that is supposed to be less intrusive. She just woke up one morning and - there they were, all chirping and they haven't stopped since.

At the beginning it really distressed her, but she is coping much better now and we're hoping the masker will also help.

Having said all that...I hope your helicopter flies off soon.
hmm, well, i haven't been back to this in a while although, my problem still hasn't left. my ear is still hellicoptering... and it's incredibly annoying!! its happening at any time now, i hear it mostly when i lean my head or lay down.. i'm guessing it must be tennitis.. i don't think i need to go to the hopital or that much could be done if i went there. i'd need to see some kind of ear specialist. its been at least over a month of thi though.... i don't think it'll just disapear anymore :\ i wish

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