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I've already posted a thread about three weeks ago in "Hearing Disorder"s under "Sudden Hearing Loss and I'm Scared" which explains the whole problem, although I never got a response and now I'm crawling the walls in PANIC and ANXIETY attacks!! The problem started a little over four weeks ago when shortly after waking up, I was at my computer and after simply swallowing, my right ear plugged completly up and I could'nt hear anything.
I've always had sinus problems but this particular morning I felt fine,, it just happened for NO appearant reason! After not being able to clear it up and starting to panic, a day and a half later I went to the emergency room where the doctor saw Nothing in my ear. He said it was "Probably" a swollen eustachian tube and gave me a heavy decongestant to keep it from getting more irritated.
Well,, it was on a Saturday that I went to the E.R. and by Monday I checked out an ENT guy that my sister uses. He looked in and also saw nothing. The following day (Tuesday) I was scheduled for a complete hearing test and was labled as Sudden Hearing Loss! The test showed that I had lost 85db of hearing which was SEVERE so I was immediately put on Prednisone for ten days.
Well, when this thing problem first occured I tried putting the phone receiver to my right ear to see if I could hear the dial tone. I'd have to press the receiver tight to my head and could only hear a very low Hum. I could'nt hear anything such as keys jingling, or I'd try tapping certain objects by my ear and would barely hear certain noises as a very low and DULL thump
(barely)! I have to note I also had a constant high pitch LOUD squealing (tinnitis) in my right ear all the time!
I would keep cotton in that ear just to keep outside noises from irritating the situation (which they seemed to do). Then after five days into the Prednisone, I took the cotton out and clicked my finger nails in front of my ear and I could faintly hear it!! So,, I picked up the phone and found I could hear the dial tone (although softly and kind of dull)! I continued trying different noises by my ear and low and behold I could hear something!
My doctor said it was a good sign that I started getting some hearing back that soon.
Anyhow,, within the following week I did'nt notice much more improvement. Although, a few days after this started, I would get occasionaly tinny, distorted echoes from my voice and outside voices (if they were a little loud) and that progressively became more frequent as the hearing started coming back and has continued getting worse up till the current time.
It seemed about two weeks after the day I noticed some hearing returning, that even more hearing has returned. Now when I listen to the phone dial tone,, it seems almost as loud in my right ear as my good ear. However, it's a bit dull. I still walk around with cotton in my ear all the time since outside noises get a bit irritating since they're dull and kind of muffled and if someone talks a bit loud, I get that horrible distorted tinny sound! If I don't press my right ear tightly shut when I talk my voice sounds like it's coming out of a "cheap" radio speaker or mechanical. I'm constantly pulling the cotton out of my ear and holding my good ear shut to see how much I can hear and it sounds muffled. If there's background noise, I can't make out words on the TV.
Since the beginning I've been having daily and nightly panic attacks. I'm currently on Xanax. I'm supposed to take .5mg to get me to sleep. I had'nt slept for the first week and a half except maybe two hours a night. Then I'd wake up to realize the situation is the same and would jump out of bed in hysteria!! It's taken it's toll on my wife, as now she's P.O'd at my constantly complaining and non-stop Panic/anxiety attacks. The Xanax get's me to sleep within 45minutes or less after I take it, but I'm up within four hours later and can't get back to sleep. So, I wind up taking half a pill (.25mg) and fall asleep another hour or so and wake up to Anxiety attacks all day and night!!
I tried "Valerian" (natural herb known for it's calming effect) and it really took the edge off for the first few days, but now a week or so later,, it does NOTHING!!! I don't want to start taking Xanax or other drugs all day and getting into that routine, but it's gotten to the point that Four weeks and two days after the onset of this thing,,and after it seemed to start getting a little better,, it's still unbearably annoying and my panic and anxiety is growing!! I'm afraid it's gotten to this point and now won't get any better!!! Although alot of people keep telling me it will just take some more time! My wife is at's wit's end with me (we've been married over thirty years, we're both 53) and now I'm climbing the walls not knowing if this will ever get better or what to do now!!!!
I was supposed to get an MRI shortly after this started, but I get VERY CLAUSTOPHOBIC even in Open MRI's and for this one to have a "cage" put on my head,, I don't know how I'll ever get through that for an HOUR! But I have resorted to call this week for an appt. I'll just have to take a double dose of my Xanax!
If you've made it this far down my "thread",, then all I can say is THANKS SO MUCH for the interest! Does anyone have any feelings or experience with any of this? Any Help would be GRATIOUSLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!! Thank you all!!

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