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:wave: Hi there! So sorry to hear about your struggles. I was reading the treads here as I have an ear infection that is not responding to antibiotics. My left ear is totally plugged and nothing I do helps. I can say though that the pain is not as bad as it was. I think that maybe the infection is gone, but the fluid cannot get out. I will definately see my doc tomarrow, and maybe ENT specialist.

Have you done any research on the internet about ear problems? I have, and it all was very helpful. There are different things that can start these problems, and different things to do for them. My problem comes from severe sinusitis that I've had twice in 2 months. I also have bad allergy's and asthma. Although this hearing loss is annoying, I will get to the root of the problem and get it fixed. I will not let it get the best of me!

As far as you being concerned about getting addicted to medications......
Wouldn't you like to feel better? Seems to me that you are making yourself crazy over this. Xanex is real addicting, and your probably already there. Look that up too. Do some research!!! Not everyone gets addicted to certain medications. You need to do what you can to help yourself. It really doesn't seem like you're trying too hard to get the help and relief you need and deserve! Don't you have a doctor that you can talk to about your problems and concerns? Maybe they can help you find medication that may not be as addicting. Anxiety can be debilitating!!! Get help and quit worrying about getting addicted, before you have more serious problems. In case you were wondering....I too have bad anxiety. I take medicine daily that has helped me get my life back. I'm certain that I'm addicted to it, but I definately don't abuse it. I only take it as prescribed, no more.

Please, think about what I've said and get help. I don't think you'll regret it. If you keep going like you are, you just may lose anything else you have in life. Now that would really suck, huh?

Hope to hear from you soon :)


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