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Hi , I am in the same boat as you are, I have had the ear problem for 14 years.
A few years ago, for some reason every thing that I went through, went away, I dont know why, one day I woke up, the ringing in my left ear had gone, the headaches everything.
Then 2 years ago I had to get new dentures put in, well after a few months, the humming came back in my leaft ear, then the fuzzy head, and the neck aches, and the shoulder pain, I too feel like you, it is like the end of the world.
It makes you depressed, and you feel like no one cares.
I went and got new dentures 3 weeks ago, the dental guy said my bite needed to be opened wider, at the momment, ther eis no change, and in fact, I think it has got worse, it is now in my right ear a clogged up head, the humming.
Somedays I feel like I cant go to work, noises are grating on my nerves, and I feel like my ears are so clogged up.
I have lost a lot of hearing in my left ear, dont know how much in the right.
The ent guy said that I have got osclol a thinning of the skin in the ears he said it could be herederty, and I must have had a lot of ear infections when I was young, sometimes when I talk, it seems to eacho in the ears and getting on the phone, is the worse.
We just have to hang in there, I know how you feel, one time there I felt like I did not want to live, and still get days like that.
hi mms1, I have had this monster back for 2 years now.
First the doctor told me, it was a ear infection, then a ruptred ear drum, of course I knew that it was not that.
It all started a few years ago when I was working near a band saw, and a few days after that I had this ringing in my ear, and vertigo, and very bad dizzyness.
I had a hell of a life for 5 years, could not drive, work or do anything, and then one day I woke up, and it had gone, I was back to normal, and could live again.
Then 2 years ago, I got some new dentures, and it started all over again, life was again a night mare.
I have a humming in my left ear, clogged up ears, a headache every day, so I went and got new dentures about 8 weeks ago, and the headaches went away, but still had the humming in the ear, now, the headaches are back, with a stiff neck, and a clogged ears, and a fullness in the head.
I know that we are not going to die, with this, but it is not a very nice thing to live with, you feel cut off from everyone, plus you have to ask peo[ple to speak louder.
I feel sick in th e tummy with it, and some days I cant walk from being so dizzy.
I also work, so that does not help.
I am a 56 year old female and when you try to talk about it, ho wyou feel, you dont know where to start, as you have so many things going on.
I also know there are people out there with a lot worse than we have got, but when you dont feel well, and still have to work, and go on with your life, it is hard.
Diffrent things affect diffrent people, so not every one knows how we feel.
I try to live each day at a time, so chin up, one day it may all go away, and we can get on with life.
I say a prayer for every one in the same boat as us.
boomerue :angel:

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