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All the ent's I've been too say that the hearing loss in my left ear is permanent. It's a 20db loss which according to the doctor is "very little" and I will have to learn to live with it. Yes I listened to lots of loud music on headphones. But never for more then 90 minutes at a time without at least a four hour break in between!

I'm hoping it's something else because my right ear is perfectly fine and I'm so hoping that my left ear is some other problem that can be cured. I don't want to have a permanent hearing loss in my left ear. I'm only eighteen! It's been like this since August. Although it probably is loud music that did it because in August I noticed the music shifting in balance towards the right side.

I kept on doing it and by October it was definitely pretty much on the right side. I'm hoping to God that it's something else! I don't want to have a permanent hearing loss because I really enjoy/love hearing/listening to music and the slight loss is really impairing my ability to enjoy. Please help me out here! Thanks. See ya.

Also another thing is that my left estachian tube pops everytime I open my jaw anyway but perfectly up and down. And there's a slight slight full feeling in my ear. I'm just hoping this hearing loss isn't permanent. I can still hear pretty good over there. But everything sounds muffled and not sharp and clear like my right ear. My left ear has always had problems though. I got a tube in it back 5 years ago and had a few ear infections in it.

I just do not want to have a permanent hearing loss. It's affecting my love of live. Unless a digital hearing aid is easy to get without having to go through a doctor or ENT or Otologist then I'll get one of those for my left ear if it can completely recover the hearing I used to have there.

Percussive instruments seem to be the hearing loss I have most suffered from. I hope that doesn't mean anything bad.

I wear headphones for about 4 hours a day.

I have a hearing plug over there because that way the hearing loss and fullness doesn't bug me as badly. But now even with the headphones set to 91% to the left and I still hear the centered instruments in my right ear way more then the left ear. I know that there shouldn't be that difference. I'm hoping the hearing loss/imbalance is due to a problem with the middle ear. I'm hoping and praying to God this hearing loss isn't permanent.

They say I have a blocked estachian tube and nasonex and claritin will open it up. That's crap. I've done that since August and it hasn't worked. My ears (both) also pop twice kinda loudly everytime I swallow. But I want my hearing in my left ear back!

And the hearing plug in my left ear I've been wearing on and off since October. The doctor said I have to live with it and not have anything blocking my ears for four months! Ugh. that's not the problem. Something else is.

My left ear just doesn't have the nice clear feeling that my right ear has and it doesn't have the nice "oomph" sound that my right ear does. Plus, when I blow air into my ears (I yawn without opening my mouth) I hear it a lot louder and more of it in my right ear.

Also my left ear cracks everytime I open my jaw. Sometimes it's a "medium" sound, then it'll go to a really loud sound. Then it'll start just making squishy noises after that. I'm wondering, could that be attributing to my hearing loss? The very slight fullness I feel in my ear would not be there if it was just purely hearing loss. My ear would feel perfectly normal other then the hearing loss right?

Also, I've jammed a few q-tips in there before. But that shouldn't really permanently damage it should it? I mean, I only pushed it hard into my eardrum once and that was back in october. My hearing like I said got worse gradually from August to December and there was no noticeable sudden drop in hearing after doing this. Plus don't most eardrum injuries heal within a couple of months anyway as long as they aren't "super traumantic"?

And also, I listened to loud music about two hours a day on average from may 2003 to august 2004. May 2003 to January 2004 on regular over your head headphones. And then from January 2004 to August 2004 on Sony earphones. Then the hearing loss started. I looked up on a chart and said as long as its 90 decibels or lower and you don't listen to it for more then 90 minutes or so at a time it's fine. I looked up a chart and the sounds that were listed at 90 decibels seemed just as loud if not louder then what I had my music on!

I have no tinnitius or any other weird thing bout my ear except the 20% hearing losss, the medium/really loud cracking/popping in my ear and then the squishy noise after I do it a few times. And a very very slight full feeling in my ear.

Also clear, non smelly fluid leaks from both my ears. And I have a deviated septum in my left nose/nostril.

I wouldn't mind if it weren't for the fact that one of my ears is perfect while the other is only at 80%. I know it doesn't seem like a big loss but I am going to see if somethings wrong. Sometimes when I blow air through my eustachian tubes it pops and I gain a little big of hearing back same as when I open my jaw real wide it sounds a bit louder too. Only about 5% or so better, but it gives me hope that it's not permanent.

Plus it seems to be harder to remember things I hear people say or on the television.

I think its either TMJ disorder or ETD. It pops open clearer once in a while (like once a day) and some hearing and left ear balance is recovered, but only for about 15 minutes. This gives me some hope.

Also, everytime I talk, I don't hear it inside my left ear whatsoever when I talk, only inside my right ear. Whenever i try to yawn through my eustachian tubes, the left side doesn't feel like air's going through it at all where as my right ear air goes through instantly.

Same thing when I close my mouth and my nose and blow through my ears. It goes through my right ear instantly but theres about a 2/3 second delay before my left ear has air blown through its eustachian tube.

I just hate having a hearing imbalance whenever I have headphones on or am in between something and having it sound louder in my right ear. It just ain't far.

I wonder what type of hearing aid I should get?

Are there any herbs or remedies that are known to kinda help out with sensory hearing loss?
[QUOTE=VE VET]...but I am going to see if somethings wrong.

;) That's what you need to do. You need to know for sure so you can start working on the proper course that's right for you.


The occasional times when my left ear pops and a regain 5% or so of my hearing back is a relief because that means either it's not permanent or I can at least regain some of the hearing loss.

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