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Hi Friends,

I have a perforated eardrum in my left ear, which the doctor claims to be of smaller in size, but often my ears gets clogged whenever I shampoo my hair, which the doctor had prohibited to do so. Usually I am prescribed one eardrop, one nasal decongesant, some antihistamines along with some antibiotics.

Of course, with this I get some relief temporarily, but whenever I get exposed to a bit cold environment like taking icecream, sitting inside A/C chamber, or shampoo my hair, the immideate next day only my ears will get clogged.....moreover the nature of my job is such that I have to work with headsets on for longer hours ranging from 8 to 12 hours, of course I do take precautionary measures like listing to voice at a low pitch as low as possible, but with problem of clogged ears, I really get frustration. Even I hear crackling sounds often in right ear, which is disgusting.

Can anyone PLEASE help me as to which medications should I go for or wht kind of precautionary measures I should take to rid of my problem of clogged ears.....

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