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[QUOTE=Jo55]look up bruit or bruitt?
whooshing pulse sound
thoracic outlet syndrome - can mimic some TMJ symptoms

Do you have any other sx like tight , achey neck or upper back?
any RSI, tingling or numbness of arm or hands?[/QUOTE]

Hi and yes I have a very stiff neck, mostly on the right side also, down along the jaw line. My arms will go numb quite regular but not both at the same time.

Sounds of pulsatile tinnitus are:- thumping, drumbeat, pulse, heartbeat, whooshing. I read that only 3% of tinnitus sufferers have this type of tinnitus.

Ent doctors usually say "live with it". Not so easy to do.

Clonazepam helped me. I take 1/2 tablet with coffee (to counteract the drowsiness) & 1/2 tablet at bedtime without coffee. I sleep well & wake up rested.

My tinnitus sounds go away 80 to 90% of every day now, for the 5 years I've been taking clonazepam. Clonazepam is an anti-anxiety med and is extremely inexpensive. It also works on restless legs syndrome. My mom takes it for that.

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