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I'm due in for a Stapedectomy this Friday (I have it in both ears,my left being worse with 40% loss) I'm hopeful I should get out of hospital on Saturday.
Unfortunately my girlfriend has to travel abroad on Sunday (a business trip just brought forward today) and we're both a little concerned about my op and me being left on my own.
Having read many testimonies on here I don't see this as being a major problem-anybody care to comment?
I didn't ask this question pre-op because we thought her trip was another week away.
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Yes it is for Otosclorsis which I was diagnosed with ten years ago,I've been told to expect to stay overnight in hospital.
I have heard that many people have n't had any complications but it's good to stay nearer to the hospital for a couple of days. Any uncommmon symptom should be reported to and seek immediate medical attention. Rarely Doctors give steroids if your hearing worsens or you have other symptoms. BTW can we know where do you have this suregry and who does this?

Our prayers and we truly wish a great success for your surgery and to recover your hearing totaly. We earnestly hope to add another successful number to this surgery and Please share your info as this helps few of us who are all in line waiting to face this situation either now or in near future.
Hi as it turns out the date was wrong and my partner is not due away till next Sunday.

I had my stapedectomy yesterday with no complications at all (so far,fingers crossed) and was discharged from hospital today.
I felt some pain yesterday but this was eased with painkillers.I have had no dizziness nor nauseau.I do have a very slight metallic taste but this has not affected my appetite nor enjoyment of food so far.
I live in Glasgow,Scotland and the operational done at Gartnavel General.

I do find the packing brings intermittent bouts of tinittus but this was to be expected.It is not removed till the 11th of May until then I will need to wait to see if my hearing has improved.

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