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I have this strange pain running around my lower and upper jaw for a long time. I thought it was sinusitis and subsequent treatment for sinus has not has any effect. I went to the neurologists and after an MRI thay concluded it is nothing and I shoudn't worry about it and they went as far to say that probably I am making it up and I may need some anti-depresent stuff. Over the ears I have developed hearing loss and ENT specialists say its pure conductive hearing loss and stapedotomy surgery could correct this problem.

But I don't get a clue as this pain is anyway linked to hearing loss. I get pulling pain on both sides of upper jaw and I feel as if it orginates inside the Gum and it gets worse during cold weather or if I eat cold stuff straight form refrigerator.

I just wonder if you come across a diagnosis it would help me as well to my problem. I am sorry as I have no lead or clue to this problem.

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