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[QUOTE=loveherbs]Can some one ouththere help me please. Over the last two months my ears are acting so strange. They feel pressure/full and at times flickering. I have a horrible thumping noise, sometimes will roar. I have a tube in the right ear because intially mt ent said it was my eustacian tube. I have had a CT of my ears and it was said to be fine. I had a mri of my brain it was said to be fine. I am now so damn scared and can barely function. I have gone to the doctor at least 10 times. I just saw a dentist who said it could be musclar-from my jaw and gave me muscle relaxants and is making me a splint for my mouth. I can not live with this it is horrid ailment and noone wants to hear me complain. I know noone with this problem. I heard about ginko biloba but have not used it. I take a mulitvit. and vit b's to try and help. I am so scared. I live in New york and you would think these doctors would know something-they do not! I haVE TWO YOUNG KIDS AND i AM NO LONGER A GOOD MOM BECAUSE i AM IN HELL WITH MY EARS.[/QUOTE]

i can relate to the hell you speak of, i have or had the same sx.
this could be middle ear myoclonus,or palatal myoclonus.
most drs know nothing about this, i have seen over 20, my only saving grace were 2, dr denis poe in boston, and dr. sismanis in richmond va. i live in va, and have been all over the east coast. dr sismanis surgically severed the middle ear tendons and this has helped.
can you describe the fullness a little better, do you get popping or snapping?
the flicking and thumping are definatley spasms, the flicking is probabley the tensor tympani muscle, thank god i dont have it anymore, it would flick to outside sounds and my own voice....horror!
list every symptom you have and i will try to explain them.
can you travel to boston or richmond?
hang in there!

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