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My husband recently tried an over the counter ear cleaning product as his doctor had said that there was 'a bit of wax' in your ears ,His doctor didnt suggest ear syringing or precsribe my husband a product, which he now wish he had done!
Husband followed 'exactly' the instructions on the packet, to the letter.....
First he went deaf in both ears, a few seconds later a severe pain started in his right ear. He e-mailed the company asking for help,telling them he was completely deaf and in pain.There reply was 'dont worry this is quite normal and can happen , carry on useing our stuff, you may need to do this for some 4 or 5 times more and it could take some 30 minutes.
Husband tried to carry on but the pain in his right ear became to bad , he stopped.....thank god!
Next day, still deaf I took him to his doctor, his ears where now totally blocked and his right ear was scarlet,inflamed and according to his doctor 'looked like it had been scoured with a pan scrubber'!
He was pescribed ear drops to use for some two weeks ,after this left ear was syringed and he could hear normally again, but right ear remain painful and deaf.
Two more weeks passed , right ear now syringed but still very red and deaf.
Another two weeks and husband had some sound in right ear.......but somthing still not right.
He was seen by consultant E.N.T. on Thurday and has been diagnosed with 'granulated tissue' in the right ear canal and they also found a scarlet area near this, when the consultant touch this area my husband left the consultants couch with a violent 'whole body twitch 'and a number of unprintable words left his mouth! because it was soooooooo painful!
I have been in contact with the head office of this company since the begining , and it now appears from speaking to there 'own' consultant E.N.T. who works for the company that there so called 'support line' gave out the wrong information to my husband ( all on e-mail thank god) which is unbeliveable to say the least!
Poor old husband has now had to put up with this for almost four months now , and it will be sometime before he is 'normal' again, he now has to use more drops and see the hospital in a month and they have ordered an M.R.I. on top of this................and all because he wanted to get rid of ' a bit of wax' ! ! !

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