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I think I can help with the problems of pressure, pain and that plugged up feeling after flying thanks to advice from my doctor. Some of these alone will help many people, but my ears get so bad after flying I have to do all of them to be pain free. 1) for each trip, I buy EarPlanes (over the counter item found with ear products). Simply insert before getting on the plane and remove once you exit the plane. 2) take a product like Sudafed (the little red pills) about 30 minutes before plane departure 3) also take one capsule of Benadryl 4) chew gum while on descent 5) about 30 minutes before landing or before the start of descent, use a decongestant nasal spray. Doing some of these things but not all, does not do enough to help me, but doing all of them has made my life after flying normal once again. Try it, I think you'll find relief. Good luck.

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