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Yea, prior to last February I never had ear or hearing problems. Then for NO REASON I woke up, was at my computer at home, simply swallowed and lost my hearing (ALL OF IT) in a SPLIT SECOND! Some has come back since then (VERY LITTLE) but the ringing that started soon as my hearing loss came,, has'nt stopped yet. Plus whenever I talk,, my voice sounds distorted as well as other peoples voices. I have to walk around with cotton in my ear half the time because outside noise is EXTREMELY annoying and FRUSTRATING! Any noise I hear is muffled, muted, low, distorted and masked by EXTREMELY LOUD ringing, hissing, screeching and squeeling! I try to avoid being in crowds or crowded places because I can't make out conversations and it's very, very stressful and has caused many losses in my life as well as extreme sleep deprevation, MASSIVE General Anxiety Disorder and depression! I've tried an anti-depressant but they DON'T WORK on Anxiety so I'm left to suffer till I can get myself out of this hole I've fallen into, on account of all this!!
So I'd be [B]GRATEFUL[/B] that ALL you had was a couple [U]SECONDS[/U] of hearing loss and couple of [U]MINUTES[/U] with ringing,,,,,, it could've been [B]ALOT[/B] WORSE!

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