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I would like to thank you for reading this post. First of all, this is ironic that I am on hear because my dad is a pediatrician but I need a second opinion. Anyways, for the last 5 weeks my right ear feels plugged and the sound in muffled ONLY in my right ear. I have futily attempted to equalize the pressure in it by plugging my nose and blowing but it only pops my left ear. When I breathe, I can barely hear it in my left ear but in my right ear, it seems like the ear drum in connected to my lungs. Also, when I talk my left ear hears it like normal but my right ear feels like it only perceives sound through the vibrations from my deep voice in my skull. So it sounds like a vibration taht creates noise against my ear drum, much like when you plug your ears and talk. I have had a cold this whole period of time with green snot and every morning I cough up plegm. I first thought this was Otis Media and my dad used his ear thing to look into my ear and said it was fine. I took antibiotics for a week, and it seemed the ear infection went away. However, when I popped my ears this time both opened up but the right one(messed up one) made a weird sound before it opened. Sometimes when I swallow it feels like my eardrum is moving and I hear a cracking type of noise. And now apparently the infection is back and the symptoms are back adn I cant pop my right ear anymore. I still have the cold. WHat is wrong with me please!!!

Thank YOu

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