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You are not alone.

I've posted several times on these boards about my former chronic ear infections. It makes me so angry that I had them for so long. I was scared and sick all the time.

It turns out I had food allergies - I eliminated milk and ice cream from my diet, orange juice and other fruit juices. I drink a lot of pure water and have found that Vitamin C supplements help a LOT. I found this out by myself, trial and error, after visiting several doctors who didn't help me. There are many other irritating foods; you'll have to experiment for yourself to see which ones bug you and which ones you can tolerate.

Even if you have environmental allergies too, or some underlying cause other than allergies, cutting down on food allergens can help your sinuses a lot - it just alleviates the stress on them.

P.S. I had a severe ear infection over 20 years ago. That ear was extra-sensitive for a long time, especially in the wind and cold. Be sure and keep your ears warm when it's cold and windy outside!! That definitely helps.

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