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For almost three years, I have been suffering from this horrible thumping in my left and sometimes right ear. It is caused by a nerve disorder where the eustachian tube muscle ticks sending a shockwave into the middle ear against the ear drum causing the thump. Quality of life was very poor until I found Dr. Andre Lamothe who practices at Module O Ottawa General Hospital. He injects botox to the muscle via the roof of the mouth. After about 2-3 weeks, the botox reaches the ticking portion of the eustachian tube muscle, partially freezing it, sharply reducing the ticks and resultant thumps. I will ask him to freeze it completely next time as any thumping is maddening. Side effects include patulous/open eustachian tube dysfunction (Wind Tunnel In Ear), difficulty eating and drinking, swallowing and sometimes drooling. All these symptoms are NOTHING compared to the thumping. If you have thumping in your ears and that doctors say there is nothing they can do tell them about this procedure and demand a referral to a botox specialist like Dr. Lamothe. Nobody should live with this.

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