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Recently, I felt that my hearing in my left ear was a bit muffled, so I assumed it was earwax buildup. I used one of those earwax melting solutions that you drip into your ear, and it seemed to go too deep into my ear and, despite seeming to come back out, it's managed to cause my hearing to become quite muffled in that ear. My attempts to further clean it with q-tips the next day resulted in greater muffling, and while the first attempt appeared to remove earwax, nothing else came out. I'm wondering if perhaps this is hardened earwax buildup practically on top of my eardrum, or if maybe I've done some damage to my ear (no bleeding, no discharge, as far as I can tell, and no pain)...

It's really bothering me to think about, as I fear the hearing won't return (though that's unlikely, I imagine).
Sounds very similar to what happened to me about a month ago. I started to feel my ears where clogged up, so i put some drops in, ottex i think they where called.
As i ride motorbikes i wear earplugs, so the next day when i put my plugs in, and then took them out later on, i noticed that the hearing in my left and right ear was terrible. In fact i could hardly hear anyting out of my left. Which is quite frightening, when i usually have quite good hearing.

I went to the doctors and was told that i had a massive clog of impacted wax in both my ears,caused most porbably by my earplugs.I was told i could have them syringed, which in my opinion is not a good idea, so i refused to have this done. So i went home and used the drops again which, after a few days, cleared the wax.

Whenever i put drops in they always block up my hearing for a few hours, becuase the stuff expands the wax, and sometimes gets stuck behind it. This isn't anything to worry about, and goes on its own.

Never use Q tips or put anything bigger than your elbow into your ears,i think you've most likely compacted the wax, like i did with my plugs, rather than damage the drum.

But to be on the safe side i'd say, go see the doctor. They'll have a look and tell you the best course of action to take.

Hope that helped, if only a bit.

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