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I have a wierd problem that comes and goes. I've been wearing hearing aides since the spring of 2000 and have developed a problem 2 years ago. The problem is a pain from my inner left ear when swallowing. It only hurts when I swallow, and the pain is excrutiating to the point where I want to literally cry or scream at times (not kiddin). I take ibuprophen for it and it doesn't do a dent. Put ear drops in it, doesn't help.

Not sure if it is due to a medication that I take or if it is another medical issue. I've been to the doctors numerous times and have had various diagnosis' for it; TMJ, inner ear infection, throat infection, and swelling of the inner ear/ear infection; all but one treated with penicillin or zythromax which helped but then tappered off for a few months and then it comes back again.

Could this be caused by my hearing aide? It still hurts after I take it out and don't wear it for a few days. Anyone with a suggestion on what to do? I have 50-60% hearing loss in my ears due to hereditary. So far it has slowed down now and I hope it doesn't progress with my age. I'm only 35. My dad was very hard of hearing and he passed away at 61. I can't remember what his hearing loss was but he too, wore hearing aides.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.


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