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Ok well im gonna explain how everything happened...

I go to this swiming pool at my community center, wich it has 2 diving boards, one small and the other is like 10/13 feet high, i was doing some dives on the big one, i pretty much went 14 feet deep in the water, i felt alot of pressure on my ears, specially the left one, once i came out the water i had lost my hearing on my left ear, i thought it was that i had water in there, since i have swimmed in other places and had my ears clogged with water for a while (1 or 2 weeks) and then they go back to normal...but this time it was different, its been maybe almost a month and i cant hear nothing...well if i put the phone in my left ear i can hear the tone like real low, so i havent really lost ALL my hearing there, but pretty much is getting annoying, i gotta tell the ppl all the time "WHAT" cause i cant hear them unless they are close to me or talking in my right ear... now i hope this is fixable cuz if not, im gonna be mad at my self for freaking diving on that stupid pool.

For like 2 weeks the inside of my ear hurted a little bit when i (snizzed/yawned ) and stuff like that, but now it doesnt hurt anymore, but i still cant hear nothing on it =(

Cant some one give me advices? and no i havent went to the doctor yet, i wanna make sure this is not something i can fix on my own.

The fact that i cant hear on my left ear makes it hard to hear what ppl tells me, everywhere i go i gotta ask what they saying twice to understand, i feel like a old man now.

Some one pleeeease help.

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