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Hi, please do a search on this board for "sudden and complete hearing loss"...posted by me a few weeks back. It sounds like you and I may have similar problems.

A few questions for you. (1) Do you find that you are unable to hear any sound at all, other than low frequencies, like base guitar and drums? And that this is very low volume and distorted - not clear at all? Almost like a blown woofer speaker, without any tweeters or mid range speakers?

Do you feel a bit "dazed"? Not dizzy, nauseous....just a kind of dazed sensation? Like someone smacked you on the back of the head?

I strongly suspect that you have suffered some form of Barotrauma. Barotrauma is used to describe pressure induced injury to the hearing mechanism. When you dove into the water, the water pressure as you decended was probably too great, resulting in possible damage. When you decend in water gradually, your Eustatian Tubes compensate for the change in pressure as you decend. Some people use certain techniques to help them "equalise" the pressure as they decend. Because a dive from a board results in a sudden and dramatic change in pressure, your system often doesn't have a chance to equalise and if the pressure is great, or a part of the hearing system weak - you could cause serious damage. My advice is not to mess around. Get to a hearing specialist ASAP - don't wait. Some conditions become irreversible if they are left too long. This is your hearing you are talking about, not a twisted ankle! You may have suffered what is called a Perilymphatic Fistula. This normally involved the rupture of the Round, or Oval Windows within the Middle Ear. This is a serious condition and the longer it is left, the more danger there is of irreverible hearing loss.

And DO NOT bother with an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist if you can help it. Try and get to see a Neurologist or Neurotologist. My previous posts explain why I have no faith in ENTs.

Good luck and let us know how things develop.

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