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Pitch difference???
Oct 15, 2005
Hello, I have a question for anyone who may have knowledge regarding this.

I have noticed that if I listen to a song, let's say in B-flat, and plug up one ear with my finger, the pitch drops about a quarter step towards A, in pitch! There isn't that big of difference from each individual ear... both ears solo, I hear the song about a quarter step lower than both ears combined.
Is this normal????
I'm a musician, I'm just concerned.
Sometimes I get a poping and crackling noise in my left ear when I hear loud sounds.
Oh weird it sounds similar to what I'm experiencing. Try listening to the tone on the telephone in each ear. Do the pitches change for you? They sound quite different for me. My right ear makes it sound so much more scrambled and less rythmic. If the condition I'm considering is right, it's called diplacusis, and it often effects musicians. I'm not a musician but I grew up around a whole bunch of them :p I guess that could do it, too. No one has replied to my post so I'm not sure if it can lead to hearing loss, and I can't find too much good information on the net either. Maybe we can figure it out together? :)

I don't get crackling & popping, but you could have a combination of problems.
Thank you for the reply, I did a search and found what you had mentioned, and it seems that this condition or whatever one would like to deem it, occurs to some degree in a normal hearing structure. When it exceeds 2 or 3 percent is when hearing loss can be called into play........ Perhaps you could conduct some experiments yourself, with musical tones.
I had a gun go off in my afflected ear, when I was 15.... maybe that has something to do with the crackling and poping? It felt like it was stopped up for months. My hearing is normal in that ear, or so doctors tell me, and they say my ear is fine, I just don't know????

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