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Fluid in Ears
Oct 20, 2005
went to dr yesterday after being lightheaded for about 2.5 weeks and suffering from a sinus/cold issue last week. Have pressure in my head, nose and roof of mouth. Main problem though is the lightheadedness.

He looked at me throroughly and saw fluid in my ears. That, he said, explains my feelings of dizziness and lightheadedness. PRescribed me Zyrtec (a decongestant and antihistimine) and Flonase to dry the fluid up in my ears and get me back to feeling normal again...also gave me a low dose of valium to help offset the dizziness (but that can backfire if you get teh side effect of dizziness from this drug!).

was wondering who else hear has had this fluid and did these meds work for you....get you all cleared up?

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