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Hi everyone, I have a learning disablity. I hear numbers like 123 and read them or write them down as 132. I don't hear some sounds. Words that sound alike, was and cause. Or if it is to loud in the room, I can't hear what someone is saying. Or if they talk to softly. I say what?, Or try to read there lips. But no one knows. Well my husband and friends don't. The problem is things are getting bad. I'm forgetting things. Like words, spelling, letting a candle burn all night,turning off the stove. My eye are getting bad. I scare very easy. If my husband well walk up behind me and not say anything, I turn around and about crap myself. I forget my kids b-days, my wedding ann. I forget to pay bills. How to do math adding, and I was always good at it. I forget what I ate 2 days ago. I will be telling a story and forget what I was talking about.It seems like, my brain is dieing.
I'm a stay at home mom of 2, 9 yr old and 3 yr old. I don't have much stress. The only stress is my kids fighting. (LOL but don't we all.) I do get a little depressed in the winter. Because I love to work outside with my flowers. And I hate the cold weather, cause I'm always cold. But that is it.
I haven't gone to the Dr.s cause what doI go for? My ? is does anyone else have this or know were I should start?
I just remember something. When I was in the tub washing my hair,I got this spell were when I lied down the room spind. It was bad I crawl out of the tub.
For the next week when I would be sleeping and turn my head to the side, the room spind and it when wake me up from sleeping. It when make me sick. It only happened that one time. It was last spring. When I was younger I had ear infection all the time. Tubes in my ears. Is there any thing that can be done? Or will it never change?

Thanks for read my post and for any help.

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