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Not long ago, I had a very nasty sinus infection and the fluid in my ears had not drained. I've lost some of my hearing in my left ear, and find myself saying "WHAT? I can't hear you!" quite often. Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling?
I had the same problem, and my doctor prescribed some decongestants for me, but they did not have any affect. After several months of this, my ENT put a tube in my left ear, its been about two weeks now since it was placed, and its seems to have helped, although its not having the affect I hoped it would. My hearing is not as "dull" as it was, although I still have trouble hearing people and still have to ask them to repeat themselves. I was hoping the tube would alleviate my hearing loss problems completely. It is very frustrating. Its like "No, I'm not ignoring you, I just don't hear you" Hopefully over the next couple weeks it will continue to improve. ( the tube will stay in for 6 to 8 months ).

Hope that was some help lol.
Well, tubes are not for everyone. Have you tried a prescription decongestant yet? Sometimes thats all thats needed. Ask your doc/ENT about tubes though and see if he thinks that will help you. I think tubes are kind of a last resort if nothing else works/helps.

As for it being painful... I never felt much when it was placed. When the ENT injected the local anesthetic (sp?), it was like someone poked my ear with a hot poker for like 3 seconds, then I never felt anything. Then for like two days it felt super plugged, and now that is slowly subsiding. I find also that with loud noises I get earaches now... but I think I have not had my tubes long enough to tell anything really. Thats just me though, maybe some other ppl who have had tubes placed can help a bit more.

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