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I have the same thing happening to me! Last time I went into a loud club my ear was going off like crazy, and sometimes the water from washing my face has an effect. If not treating it is not going to make it worse, I guess it's not really anywhere near thinking about surgery. Right now, I am trying to find out if there is a product on the market that is a little ear plug which is not really visible to people that i could wear in clubs. I wouldn't be able to hear out of my right ear, but at least i wouldn't have to worry about messing anything up. I also listen to music A LOT, and I think this is the problem. I have been constantly listening to headphones for 6 years, and now that I am seeing a side effect, I want to avoid being someone who can't hear jack when I'm 40. I have turned down the volume on my mp3 player, and listened to music less. Also, you might want to look into getting a noise cancelling headphone piece, as i hear the little earphone plugs that go into your ear are the worst for your ear supposedly.

If anyone knows of an earplug that would not be very noticable please tell me.
The other day I shelled out $50 for a nice pair of headphones, though. They said they had noise reduction but the noise reduction doesn't really do anything. SBC HN050 Philips. You'll see it at Best Buy. I have been listening to music at higher levels, and had no problems whatsoever with my right ear. As opposed to my earphones which were still giving me some problems even at very low levels. I haven't been to any loud clubs or blared the music in my car lately, but I am pretty sure that problems I had with loud noise in the real world only effected me because of the damage earphones were doing.

I can't really think off of the top of my head whether bass or treble effect me more. I would probably say bass, because with these new headphones I was ecstatic to hear bass parts I didn't normally hear in the right ear. I think it was noise that played in my earphones but that I couldn't really hear in the right ear because of whatever reason, it was too dirty or close inside my ear. I'll look into magnesium supplements, thanks.

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