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For jack is back, I have found that taking centrum one has helped a little bit in toning down the crackling i think that this is due to a mineral defficiency in my body i can't remember but i was pretty sure that this disorder could be cause by a lack of maganesium also i've found that even though i plug my right ear i still hear a popping and sucking sound as if my entire ear drum is moving back and forth in the ear its not a good idea to just plug the ear but maybe put a little bit of cotton inside the canal to help tone down the sound . I have a few questions for you ahve you found that you are more reactive to certain types of music or have you found that treble hurts and bass doesn't and vice versa. What I have found is that i can listen to bass music and bass beats super loud but as soon as the treble kicks in my ear starts to go off.

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