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I have had fluid problems in my right ear for over 2 years and progressive hearing loss. Doctors kept saying allergies or ear infection. I got fed up last April and asked to see a specialist. Saw one in August: Jerk who wouldn't listen and told me to pop my ears to hear better. His audiologist said I would hear better if the fluid were removed AND she had to turn up the sound on my right ear to get me to hear the full range of sounds she tests for.

Saw another ENT in August, who thankfully put a tube in my ear to help it drain: It still leaks fluid at night. This guy said I have too much bony mass in my right mastoid air cells and that is causing the fluid to stay in my ear, but he had no solution for this either. Said it was a birth defect and I had probably had problems all my life. (Absolutely not true. Fluid issues only started about 2 years before the tube was put in.)

A 3rd ENT was a bust too, as when I sent her a question about the mastoid air cells, she sent my e-mail back to ENT #2 and he replied that as long as the problem didn't get any worse, he would see me in March for my 6 month follow-up. After I told him I didn't want just a problem that didn't "get any worse" but I wanted it "fixed", he said he would have to do a temporal bone CT and further testing before he would do anything. He seems to think my hearing loss is now big deal.

Now, I want someone to fix me. I am looking for someone who can go in and remove some of that extra bone. Kind of a mastoidectomy but really taking out more bones. You think if they have saws and drills that would cut bone they can do this. I am set to see my mother ENT on Feb 28th. She is about 120 miles from where I live, but at least she cared about my mom's throat cancer. Perhaps she can help me.

Any ideas? My hearing is becoming so bad I can barely hear my boss at work or my husband at home. But still no one wants to give me a hearing aid or tell me what to do next. I bought a cheap amplifier over the web and it helps but I don't like to wear it at work because it looks like a hearing aid made in Indonesia AND it keeps popping out all the time.

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