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Hi All,

I had a stapedectomy in 1989 due to a diving accident. Stainless wire was used but I don't know what type. I'm in need of an MRI but the MRI people say no because they don't know if the metal is MRI safe.

I've searched the internet but have not been able to find any adverse event associated with MRI and stapes prostheses and quite a few articles that show no movement of prostheses in in-vivo experimental testing. The machine in question has a 1.5T field strength.

Can anyone advise?
Have any readers with a stapes prosthesis had an MRI?



I have been trying FOR YEARS to get that information.
NOBODY will commit to an answer. Doctor says ask ototogist, otologist says ask MRI lab, MRI lab says ask doctor.

Now I have a STENT to worry about too. I've never had an MRI but in this day and age, I know it's just a matter of time. I'd rather NOT wind up with two holes in my head and one in my chest! :D

Maybe some stapedectomite :D has had an MRI done?
Hi All,

I got news today that I can have an MRI afterall. :) The MRI techs I guess can't make decisions that might have a health impact.

My internet searching led me to the conclusion that even though a free piece of metal such as the wire in my case placed in the machine moves it wouldn't (much) once tied into tissue. Suprisingly, none of the studies attempted to measure the force the wire might provide which would be quite simple to find out in experiment. However, one study did look for heating in metal stapes prostheses but found none.

I would suggest that if you get the run around like I did ask for proof of adverse events.

Note most studies used machines with field strengths up to three Tesla, I'd feel less confident putting my head in higher field strengths.

I suspect I might hear something if the wire moves or vibrates in the magnetic field, so it will be interesting.

Now all I have to do is to try and convince the MRI people to do my whole body and not just my neck (I've got neck problems). Seems to me if you've got to have an MRI may as well do the whole body. I mean if they find inoperable lung cancer no point trying to fix my neck :eek:


I have had 2 MRI's on my neck, I also had a stapedectomy due to otosclerosis in 1996. I am not sure what metal was used (I just know that I have a piston in my ear), and to be I guess ignorant is nice. I honestly NEVER even thought about it. I informed them that I had it, but it was never discussed after that.... :eek: I figured that it must not be a problem. I know they made me take off my wedding band, earings, and belly button ring (which I never put back :rolleyes: ) but that was it.

Good luck with yours!!!
Hi All,

well I went through the machine on Tuesday. I was anticpating hearing something if the wire vibrated a little however the machine was so noisy it was hard to know. I was even given ear plugs.



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