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Yes, I did have the muffled effect for awhile. It goes away, slowly. (Seems like it took at least a week for me...) No, I didn't have ear infections. I used to get them really bad when I was a kid, but I seemed to outgrow the infections. But I have that popping sensation that you talk about. My ears crackle and pop when I swallow or open my jaw. Oh yah, and I guess I actually do have some tinnitus. It's not too bad, so I must have gotten used to it. It's like a roaring sound in my ears every now and then. My tubes didn't really help the crackling and popping, my ears used to feel like they were being sucked in almost (negative pressure from the eustachian tubes being blocked), and they have helped a lot with that. Anyway, good luck with the tubes. Keep me posted and I will do the same if I have any changes. Oh yah, are your tubes regular or are they t tubes?

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