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Hi, no I dont have any hearing loss. No conductive or nerve damage. I had an ear infection which seemed to lead on to another and then another. Sort of glue ear is the condition I think I have. Eustachian tube dysfunction because of the constant ear infections. Iv had six in seven months so the fluid hasnt had time to drain before another ear infection sets in. I can hear everything perfectly well but when i talke it sounds muffled but its not as bad as it was last week. I think when they perforate your eardrum it can take up to 4 to six weeks to heal but I think as it heals the hearing should return. How do you find the hearing aids? Normally unless the fluid is really bad in my ears I dont have that much pressure or fullness in my ear unless Im in the car going downhill, when my ear needs to be popped a lot but since getting the tube placed in my ear this has stopped.:p I would never have believed such a small problem could bring so much upset haha. Andrea x:dizzy:
Hi Khris, he still has the t-tube in his ear. I think this a long term thing with him. He said the tinnitus was really unbearable and after he got the t-tube his hearing was terrible for a good few weeks, then slowly it started to improve and so did the tinnitus. He still has tinnitus because he has nerve damage which cannot be reversed but the tinnitus is really low now and is bearable. He doesnt have any pressure in his ear. The pressure in my ear is good. I didnt have a lot of pressure at the end up before the op but I still had fluid in my ear from the last infection. This is my problem the ear never fully drains as the eustachian tube isn't functioning normally but its not as bad as a lot of people that I read about on here. The pressure was bad to begin with but with daily steam inhallation, decongestants, antihistamines and steroid sprays have helped a lot. I think for me the eustachian tube is at least working a little. I find the tube really uncomfortable a lot of the time but am trying to persevere with it to try and get ear back to normal. If you have PET then this can cause tinnitus for a lot of people. Do you feel better when you have the cold? Before the op I had some days when the tinnitus would be so low that I couldnt hear it unless I cupped my hand over my ear and listened for it, but on other days when my ear was more squelchy the tinnitus would be louder. I hope for me this means the more mucous the louder the noise and that after the grommet does its job and dries up all the fluid the noise will go. When you got your ear tubes did your ear drain a lot? Mines drained for at least two weeks and my hearing is still not back to normal. How do you cope with noisy enviroments? I have not had a social life for over a year as I find loud noises make the tinnitus more noticeable and I cant bear it. :dizzy: Andrea

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