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Hi Linda, I think it would be worthwhile for you to have the tube inserted. I cant imagine how bad it must be to have struggled with this for 10 years. With the tube in place I have no pressure and I can hear outside noises crystal clear unless there are a lot of people talking at the one time I find it more difficult to hear then. My hearing is muffled because of the perforation in my eardrum with the tube but its coming back slowly. They say to give it two months to heal. I have no pressure in my ear now with the tube but the tinnitus drives me mad. I would have thought that your own doctor would have suggested a grommet as I think apart from trying the various meds there isnt anything else they can do. They say if the tube is sticky or damaged it can take up to two years to return to normal and the grommet acts as a spare eustachian tube in the meantime. To have this for ten years I think would suggest that yours is damaged and perhaps the only way to go is to get a t tube inserted which is a long lasting tube. I know someone who had to get this carried out and hes great now although he had some problems at the start. I think my problems started after I have flown home from Spain with a head cold and blocked ears. They never seemed to be the same after that but I had also have my ear syringed before flying so it could have been either of these but when I returned home my head felt really bunged up and I had pressure in my ears. :dizzy: I will keep in touch with you about the tube and let you know if things settle down. Andrea :wave:

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